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Babe Ruth 2017

I haven’t spoken about baseball this season.

It’s not because I’m not playing or don’t like it.

I actually moved up to Babe Ruth this season as well as the past Fall season.

My parents & I weren’t  really paying attention to the transition to the bigger Babe Ruth field for Fall ball & my coach let me pitch, which I never thought I would have the opportunity since I’m only in 7th grade & our teams are made up of 7th, 8th & 9th graders. 

But he let me pitch so much I threw my arm out & had to stop playing Fall ball.

I was so hurt I wasn’t sure I would even be ready for Spring baseball or maybe never play again.


Thankfully, I rested my arm & practiced a bit. But not pitching practice, just learning throwing mechanics. My orthopedic Dr told me that pitching is an unnatural movement so lots of pitchers hurt their arm from throwing incorrectly or just throwing their arm out by abusing their arm.

My pain was from both, throwing incorrectly & with brut force.

The good news is, I am playing Babe Ruth Spring ball.  

I have a fantastic team & coach. My Mom explained my disability to him about me not knowing some things that go on on the field that can confuse me. He was very understanding & assured my mom that he would help me with whatever I needed help with. I have heard this before from teachers & coaches but this coach is prob the most fantastic teaching coach I have ever had. 

He has let me pitch, catch, play bases & different positions. He is always praising me & makes me feel great. 

I have one of the best teams of kids I have ever been on. We have a fantastic time together. They are really fun to be around. We spend a lot of time together as we have baseball almost every day.

We have had a decent year & I have played pretty good for my first year in Babe Ruth & was lucky to have the opportunity to pitch on the big field. 

We have playoffs coming up & I’m excited to pitch.

Best part about our team is, we are having fun. 

And we actually just had a 6 game winning streak. 

Either way our season turns out, I can honestly say this has been my favorite baseball season yet! (My Mom tells me I say this every year) I guess that’s a good thing!

Enjoying your team & coaches & having fun..

That’s what it’s all about!

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Learning Differences: Out of the Closet!

I have been blogging about being diagnosed with Dyslexic & ADHD since I found out in 4th grade.

It was one of the most traumatic school years any child could have to endure.

I was always the friendly, kind popular kid in school, until 4th grade.

“Sometimes bullies target popular or well-liked children because of the threat they pose to the bully.”

“Though it is a relatively less documented occurrence.”

Everyone just assumes the nerdy kids are the ones who get bullied.

It’s not true.

I was one of the popular kids & I got bullied, not by my peers, by my own classroom teachers.

There isn’t a lot of data out there on teachers who bully.

“With increased awareness of bullying comes increased awareness of the adult bully. In an anonymous survey of 116 teachers at seven schools, 45 percent of teachers admitted to having bullied a student.”

The best advice I can I’ve to parents, “Watch for changes in the child’s behavior”.

If your child is coming home crying or doesn’t want to go to school, something is wrong. Although not all kids love school, most don’t hate it the way I used to when I was being bullied by my  classroom teachers.

Please Listen to your children & pay attention.

Little Kids don’t know how to express how they are being treated in school, they don’t recognize it as being bullied

especially from adults.

They just usually don’t want to go back to school. They try to make excuses to avoid school, play sick, or what ever will keep them away from the bully who is hurting them & their self esteem.

I wrote my book: “Look Mom, Im the Dumest One in My Clas!”

By Sky Rota

For all the kids out there who are suffering silently.

I needed to take a stand.

I want to make sure the bully’s don’t think they won!

They didn’t win.

They will Never win!

We need to keep fighting back & advocating for ourselves & telling our parents until they listen.

I couldn’t stop my teachers from bullying me, but I want to make sure they don’t bully another kid after me!

I encourage all parents, kids, teachers, psychologist, counselors, therapist, coaches to read this book & share it with every friend you know.

The more You share the more possibility of helping another child in need.

You may not be aware that you are a bully or have a child that is being bullied or how to talk to a bullied kid.

My book will help you with all of the issues that kids are fighting through.

I need kids to know they aren’t alone in this fight.

When you are being bullied you feel very alone, like no one knows the private hell

You are in.

I know!

And I will never forget..

But, I don’t let it keep me down.

I will keep marching on & raising awareness.

The bully’s are the ones that need to hide.

They are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves.

Not us, we are survivors!



Please Share this link to my book. Everyone either has a child that is struggling in school or with bullying or knows someone who is.



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I’m pretty sure this was the first Easter my mom didn’t cook. (That’s ok Mom)

We all went out to Brunch!

My mother said, it’s to much work to cook for such a short holiday. But I know it’s because she feels a bit down because my 3 older siblings live away at college & only 2 come home for a short period of time for Easter.

I understand because it is tough being one of 4 kids but the only one who actually lives in the house.

So, I’m basically an only child in most daily ways.

We are all soo proud of my older brother & sisters for doing so well in college.

But it’s also tough for us at home. I’m sure they miss us as much as we miss them.

We are apart for wonderful
reasons, but it never gets easy.

We had a great Easter Brunch.
My cousins all came over after & we drove my golf carts for hours up and down my street.
I’m thankful to have family & good times together❣

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Finally a teenager!


I just turned 13.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel any different than 12..


I had a fantastic birthday weekend.

I went to Max Brenner chocolate wonderland in Phila on Saturday with my friends & then to my favorite trampoline place SkyZone

We had a great time & the weather was fantastic as it was like the warmest day ever in February.

On Sunday my parents surprised me with meeting my cousins & aunt & uncle at Ponzios

my favorite diner & best dessert place ever!

Even though I had a fun filled weekend & received very nice & generous gifts, I still can’t help feeling sad about my brother & sisters not being around for my birthday. For the past years I have lived like an only child, I don’t like it.

I miss them even though they aren’t home much when they are home. It is still nice to have them around.

They did text & call & my 1 sister had a drs appointment so she stopped by, but it’s not the same as having all of them around.

It is quiet here.

I miss you guys more than you could ever know.

I want to thank my parents for giving me a memorable 13th birthday!

I love you




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Family Christmas Party 2016

We had our Family Christmas party this past Sunday. My brother & sisters weren’t able to come this year because they had college exams, so it was only my cousins and me.

Sky and his cousin Remy at Christmas 2016

We had a really nice day.

My aunt bought my Uncle the Atari Flashback 7 Classic game console.My and Uncle got Atari Flashback

We hooked that up & all started playing it.

Wow, is it different from our games today. There are zero graphics. They can fit 100 games on the console, so they must take up no room. The joystick controllers are not very movable.How do you play this weird game?

It was fun to see the games my Mom & Uncle used to play after school when they were kids. And they were excited to tell us how to play their old games. We all laughed while each cousin tried to play. My one cousin Niko makes funny faces & noises when he plays & cracks us up. My cousin Remy was standing with the joystick & swinging it like a Wii controller.
I’m grateful to have a close family who gets to play together & enjoy good times with.

Happy HolidaysSky got a new basketball


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Thanksgiving 2016

I have to say that it is getting harder to have my older brother & sisters come home from college every year.
It is kind of a tease. They basically just drop their stuff off at our house & then go out with their friends.
Meanwhile, I am waiting to play with my brother.img_0043
It’s hard to know he is home but he is not really here.img_0319
My Mom & I did all the preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. My mother let me do everything & I learned so much. We had a great dinner & some family drama which is always expected when everyone gets together.
Then we went for our traditional Cutting down our own Christmas tree. That is always a lot of fun.img_0321
Everyone is going back to school but they will be home again in a few weeks for Christmas break..

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Jaz is One


It seems like yesterday that Jaz came to live with us.jaz3 

She fit right in with our & it feels like she has been here forever.  

Jaz is the sweetest most loving dog ever. She fell in love with my older dog Katy the second they met! She think Katy is her Mother. Well, kind of a cold mother. jaz4 

But Jaz loves her anyway. Surprisingly Jaz Loves Cats, especially Henri.. & Henri loves Jaz, well, at least behind Memes back he loves her. They play all day long. Jaz Likes to give him kisses & bite his feet & he likes to hold her face in his paws & bite her even though he has no teeth. They are the best of friends!   jaz2

Jaz goes almost everywhere with us. She takes car rides, She likes to travel, go shopping & especially take lots of walks.. jaz6

We are all so happy to have her in our family! 

We love u Jaz!


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Why Halloween has become Frightening!

Last night I Trick or Treated in Philly with my cousins around my uncles house. We love to trick or treat in the city because they have tons of houses close to each other so you get lots of candy. The neighbors are so friendly, they all sit out on their front steps with the bowl of candy. They greet each & every child who comes for the candy. 

I also got lucky because my uncle let me use a real knife to carve a pumpkin. My mother never lets me do the actual cutting. I usually draw the face & she cuts. 

Not this time! It was all me!!


The scary part about Halloween this year is that some of the parents (dads) dressed up. I don’t mind that they dress up, it’s just that they looked like they were wearing the real SWAT uniforms & they carried realistic rifles with lasers & some machine gun looking ones. Some kids were very startled by the site of them, I was scared at first myself. Its sad when costumes today make you think the worst could happen because of all the bad things we see happening in our world today, you dont know if this is the real thing or not.


Kids today are always on high alert, I know I am. 


We didn’t let those costumes ruin our time, we had a fantastic time together with family & doing our traditional trick or treating.

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DC is Dog Friendly

I just spent the weekend in Washington DC with my mom & my dog Jaz. We went there to visit my brother who attends law school in DC. 

Well, it wasn’t the best experience. It turns out, DC is dog friendly but not on rainy days. 

There are a lot of dog friendly hotels & restaurants in Washington DC. Yes, you can bring your dog to a ton of restaurants that have outdoor seating. img_1417 

What do you do with your dog on rainy days?

I’ll tell you…NOTHING!

It rained the entire time we were in DC! 

After walking in the pouring rain with my dog to see the Capitol, We took an Uber to see the White House, which consisted of us jumping out of our Uber & running with our dog for 2 blocks in the downpour because they don’t let you drive anywhere near the white house. Then running back to our Uber & driving to my brothers apartment only to have No place to go eat, because we can only eat outside because we have our dog with us. img_1426 

Thankfully, my brother googled dog friendly restaurants with outdoor covered patios & gave us one! What a fabulous site!

We were able to eat Mediterranean food, don’t ask.. I just had linguini with tomato sauce. My brother had some Lamb stuff but at least we were able to get out & eat together. 

Sadly, the rest of the evening we were stuck in our hotel with a lousy room service menu & No Hotel Room Movie provider! 

It is 2016 & a somewhat upscale hotel has NO movie provider?

How is that possible??

I thought I would be renting Suicide Squad & My Mom wanted to see Pete’s Dragon.. but Nothing!

Hopefully next time we travel with my dog it is nice weather,  but my Mom says, that won’t be for a very very long time!!img_1465

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Quiet house


Everyone is back to school including my brother & sisters. 

My brother is finished regular college and now he is in Law school & My sisters are Juniors in college this year. My brother isn’t living that far away like the past 4 years when he lived in Boulder Colorado, now he lives in Washington DC. Its only a 2 hour train ride away, I have already gone to his apartment a few times. He lives in a beautiful new building & I helped to decorate it with my Mom for him. quietcouch

You would think it would get easier having them all leave every year, but it doesn’t. If anything it is getting harder. I guess because I’m finally catching up to my brother & we are like best friends now.  When he is home he takes me golfing, plays basketball with me, lets me play soccer on the beach with his friends & we also go to eat & movies together. I never thought he would pay much attention to me as he got older because we are 10 years apart. But I was wrong, I kinda caught up to him a bit & now we can play together. He is pretty tough on me & treats me like I’m 20 when we play ball, he has no mercy. I don’t mind & I don’t think he realizes it. I just know that I miss having him around to hang out.

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