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I was recently in Los Angeles California & a friend of my dads took up to Galpin Motors. They are the largest Ford dealership in the country, They sell more Fords than anyone.  They also have a car museum right next door. Their private collection of fantastic antique Fords & some famous cars as well.

You can check out my YouTube video to see the collection.

Their cars are kept crystal clean, I have been in a lot of private car museums in my life but none this pristine.  The cars look like they are right off the show room floor & some are from the 1920’s ! This car collection gets a lot of love.

I thoroughly enjoy my visit!


Sep 6, 2016 | Posted by in Cars | 1 comment

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  1. Robert A Greenstein says:

    Some really killer cars! Two steering wheels, must be a drivers Ed car! Looks like you had a great time.

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