I got a car for Christmas!

I got a car for Christmas!

Well, it’s actually a Golf Cart! But that will do! I can’t believe I got a Hummer Golf cart for Christmas. This was the biggest surprise ever!Hummer Golf Cart 2016

I’m having the best time ! I will be posting lots of videos on YouTube to come because I will be driving nonstop!

These are some facts about my Hummer.hummergolfgart2016

The HUMMER H3 is the first proportionally correct and only licensed custom Estate/Golf Car styled after the HUMMER H3. It includes standard features such as 15 inch custom built and proportioned HUMMER wheels, rugged all aluminum I-beam chassis, Genuine HUMMER Chrome grill, functional headlights, tail lights, turn signals and fog lights and a Patent Pending 180 degree tailgate. The HUMMER H3 Estate/Golf Car is the new industry standard for custom luxury electric vehicles.

Thank you Santa!

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Family Christmas Party 2016

We had our Family Christmas party this past Sunday. My brother & sisters weren’t able to come this year because they had college exams, so it was only my cousins and me.

Sky and his cousin Remy at Christmas 2016

We had a really nice day.

My aunt bought my Uncle the Atari Flashback 7 Classic game console.My and Uncle got Atari Flashback

We hooked that up & all started playing it.

Wow, is it different from our games today. There are zero graphics. They can fit 100 games on the console, so they must take up no room. The joystick controllers are not very movable.How do you play this weird game?

It was fun to see the games my Mom & Uncle used to play after school when they were kids. And they were excited to tell us how to play their old games. We all laughed while each cousin tried to play. My one cousin Niko makes funny faces & noises when he plays & cracks us up. My cousin Remy was standing with the joystick & swinging it like a Wii controller.
I’m grateful to have a close family who gets to play together & enjoy good times with.

Happy HolidaysSky got a new basketball


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