Thanksgiving 2016

I have to say that it is getting harder to have my older brother & sisters come home from college every year.
It is kind of a tease. They basically just drop their stuff off at our house & then go out with their friends.
Meanwhile, I am waiting to play with my brother.img_0043
It’s hard to know he is home but he is not really here.img_0319
My Mom & I did all the preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. My mother let me do everything & I learned so much. We had a great dinner & some family drama which is always expected when everyone gets together.
Then we went for our traditional Cutting down our own Christmas tree. That is always a lot of fun.img_0321
Everyone is going back to school but they will be home again in a few weeks for Christmas break..

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Jaz is One


It seems like yesterday that Jaz came to live with us.jaz3 

She fit right in with our & it feels like she has been here forever.  

Jaz is the sweetest most loving dog ever. She fell in love with my older dog Katy the second they met! She think Katy is her Mother. Well, kind of a cold mother. jaz4 

But Jaz loves her anyway. Surprisingly Jaz Loves Cats, especially Henri.. & Henri loves Jaz, well, at least behind Memes back he loves her. They play all day long. Jaz Likes to give him kisses & bite his feet & he likes to hold her face in his paws & bite her even though he has no teeth. They are the best of friends!   jaz2

Jaz goes almost everywhere with us. She takes car rides, She likes to travel, go shopping & especially take lots of walks.. jaz6

We are all so happy to have her in our family! 

We love u Jaz!


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Why Halloween has become Frightening!

Last night I Trick or Treated in Philly with my cousins around my uncles house. We love to trick or treat in the city because they have tons of houses close to each other so you get lots of candy. The neighbors are so friendly, they all sit out on their front steps with the bowl of candy. They greet each & every child who comes for the candy. 

I also got lucky because my uncle let me use a real knife to carve a pumpkin. My mother never lets me do the actual cutting. I usually draw the face & she cuts. 

Not this time! It was all me!!


The scary part about Halloween this year is that some of the parents (dads) dressed up. I don’t mind that they dress up, it’s just that they looked like they were wearing the real SWAT uniforms & they carried realistic rifles with lasers & some machine gun looking ones. Some kids were very startled by the site of them, I was scared at first myself. Its sad when costumes today make you think the worst could happen because of all the bad things we see happening in our world today, you dont know if this is the real thing or not.


Kids today are always on high alert, I know I am. 


We didn’t let those costumes ruin our time, we had a fantastic time together with family & doing our traditional trick or treating.

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