Summer Camp 2016


Well, it’s that time again..

Time to sign up for camps.

Most of you know I have had some of the worst camp Experiences, due to my dyslexia.

People assume because I’m Not missing an ARM or have a Peanut Allergy, they don’t have to pay attention to what my Mom writes on the questionnaire they send us to fill out.

Why do they send it if they don’t read it? I never understand that.

Last year I was give a written test on the last day of Golf Camp.

First of all, when did they start giving written tests out at camp?

That wasn’t on the Golf Camp Website!

Not to mention my Mom spoke to the camp director in person to tell her that I was severely dyslexic & I go to a school for kids who learn differently & im not a great reader & I can’t really spell & I don’t comprehend what I read.

But, they still gave me the 4 page test.

I took it, but it was a mess & I was very anxious for no reason.

I hope Camps go better this year.

I’m attending this New Eagles Football camp. It is flag football, and Also a different golf camp this year.


My mom is filling out all the papers they send you & ask a bunch of questions about the camper (me) I just hope they actually read what my mom writes & share the info with the actual camp coaches etc. it will make my life a lot easier if they know I am not great with my lefts & rights & a bunch of other things. Hopefully they are understanding & patient & wont just think I’m being disobedient if I get stuff wrong.

Its not because I’m not trying.  I always try my best.


Wish me luck with these new camps..

I have No choice but to keep trying.

I just wish most adult would actually listen & hear & understand what my differences are.

But it seems that if you don’t have a Visible disability (missing arm) they can’t understand you still have some weak areas that need to be understood & helped through.


My baseball coaches get me & tell me where to stand & help direct me as to where the play is going to be made etc.


I’m trying to be positive about going to my new camps.

I’ll keep u posted.



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My personal Best



My baseball game on Saturday I played terrible, I struck out 3 times, couldn’t get on base for anything. I played outfield but no hits came to me.. We lost the game as none of us played great… We made a lot of errors and couldn’t make any runs.

Last night we did great and won the game, but I personally struck out all 3 times up to bat and didn’t make any major plays..But I didn’t make any errors either..

You won’t believe my game tonight…. You can’t believe how things change so drastically from one game to the next.

I pitched 3 innings, one inning they got a run off me because I messed up & forgot where the play was.

The next inning they got a hit but no runs & the next inning I pitched a No hitter, struck everyone out!!

But the biggest thing about tonight’s game was that I hit not one but 2 Home Runs OVer the Fences!!!

That is the most amazing feeling you can ever feel!! I can’t explain it.. You really feel like a SuperStar!! Your entire team gets up & runs out & greets you at Home Plate!! I am on Top of the World!! I am so proud of myself!!

Scouts look out!! Lol


This is why I try to never really get to down on myself because sometimes you win & sometimes you loose but it’s all about having Fun & I keep trying my best!!



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Congratulations Marky

My big brother Marky just graduated from CUBoulder today (University of Colorado Boulder)!

We flew out on Thursday because he had a Private graduation ceremony on Friday morning for his Major in Sociology and he has a minor in Business.

My sisters & parents & I are all soooo proud of him.

He had to move really far away from us for the past 4 years but it went by pretty quickly. I’m happy he is coming home but he will be leaving again because he is going to get his Masters degree & Law school too. That’s a lot of work but Marky is really smart & I know he can do it.

We had a great time meeting his friends & hanging out with their families as well.

We even got to see his apartment, yuk! Sorry Marky, but it was pretty scary…. Mommy said, she thought it would have been much worse, Mark said they cleaned before we got there but I’m not sure they know what clean looks like.

Anyway, we had a fantastic trip & we are Soo Happy for Mark!

As Mommy would say, “Mark, you should be very proud of yourself you worked hard to get here!”

Congrats Big Bro!!









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Fisker of Cherry Hill

Today I Visited Fisker of Cherry Hill, which happens to be right around the corner from my house.

I met the gracious owner Joe Ferrante. He showed me around & told me all about what they do there. They are the only Fisker Karma support center in the region. The only source for Fisker parts & service.

They sell, fix, service & ship Fiskers, & WoW do they have some amazing Fiskers on their lot.

Anyone who owns one has to ship or deliver their car to this shop to be fixed or in some cases customized.

Joe showed me pics of a customers Custom Star Wars Storm Trooper Fisker Karma that they completely customized for the fan. It looked unbelievable.

I saw a famous comedians Fisker waiting to be fixed as it has grill damage. I saw Alicia Keys magnificent white Fisker Karma, it was absolutely beautiful.

The owner actually bought Cee Lo Greens Fisker Karma from him & is now changing it back from white to gold.

These fantastic cars are electric, solar and gas powered as well.



They are making a return in an upgraded version that I had the pleasure to video visit today.

Check out my You Tube Channel. 

My Moms Friend Had one custom made, it is the gold 2016 Fisker Karma It has a very quiet engine, it is Sporty & Luxury as well, this one had a suede dashboard & steering wheel.

I can’t wait to go back & visit some more cars.

IMG_8672 IMG_8673

Thanks for an amazing day!!

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