What is Mindfulness?

Believe it or not, I know all about mindfulness.

My description of being mindful is, living in the moment, not the past and not the future.

Thinking about what is happening right now.

I have a Meta Cog class at my School every other day.

We learn relaxation techniques like, yoga, breathing, finding your happy place, these are for distraction to calm yourself down. It is a good practice for everyone and especially good for people who have anxiety & stress.

Like I said, everyone!

The other night we had a horrible storm in my neighborhood & a tornado warning alert came out for my town & our electric went out & my house was pitch black. I sat on the bottom step of my staircase next to my mom holding my new puppy & my big dog Katy was laying right beside us. My dad was just trying to figure out why our electric goes out during every storm that hits our development.

I was worried, so I started to use the tools from my Meta cog class.

I was thinking of my happy place & blocking out the noise & actually making pretend the loud thunder coming  from outside was something else. My mom noticed me closing my eyes & trying to relax myself.

She asked what I was doing, & I said I was being mindful & making the thunder sound like relaxing waves so I wouldn’t be so afraid of the sounds of the storm.

People are becoming more & more aware of Mindfulness. It is helping people everyday.

I remember my sister Salvis first year of college she had to do an essay about Mindfulness. When she told my dad what she had to write about he immediately said, “there is No such word!”

My dad never heard of it before my sister mentioned it.

I knew what it was because we practice it in my school.

My mom was starting to hear more & more about it as she reads a lot of Psychology things.

It is the most used word in the field of Psychology.


Wikipedia says:

Mindfulness is a modern movement, appropriated from ancient Buddhist roots, and clinically innovated by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The practice of mindfulness involves being aware moment-to-moment, of one’s subjective conscious experience from a first-person perspective.


Psychology Today says:

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.

I suggest that everyone start trying to be mindful, it helps with friendships, Relationships with your parents & siblings & how you treat one another.

If more people become mindful of their actions maybe they will be more thoughtful of how they are behaving in their life.

I think mindfulness would really help my dad, he works day & night & is not actually ever living in the moment. He is not paying attention to what is going on in his life right now. All he does is worry about work. He doesn’t know how to separate himself from always working.

I want to help him to learn to become more mindful.


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Terrific Basketball Season


I was part of a great basketball team again this year.  We made the Playoffs, the Semi Finals & the finals.

Our team is made up of 6th, 7th & 8th graders. We all have strengths in different areas. Some of my teammates are great at making 3 point shots, others are fantastic dribblers, lots of us can make foul shots. We have some kids who are football players & really strong so they are good at rebounding & setting picks & passing. We are all team players, no ball hogs, no show offs, just good times and lots of fun.

I have learned after playing sports for some years that Sometimes the best part of your team is who’s Coaching. We were lucky enough to have Mr Bucci. I have had him before for baseball so I already know how he is with the kids. He is a teacher, he gives us direction, he is nice, kind, patient & understanding. He makes sure all the kids play and have fun. That is all you could want in any coach. Because this is supposed to be about having fun.

We played an undefeated team which had four eighth graders on it.  I thought we would get killed.  We played great and kept the game tied until five minutes were left.  Then they got hot and won  by ten.

Overall I had a wonderful season and look forward to playing next year.

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dyslexia simulation

Click on this link http://geon.github.io/programming/2016/03/03/dsxyliea when you get a minute and you will see a bit of what I see when I try to read and the reason

it takes me so long to figure out certain words.

I always told my Mom that when I try to read, all I see are letters jumping around on the pages.

Now My Mother gets it.

She said, no wonder it takes me 25 minutes to read half a paragraph & you get most of it wrong because

she watches me guess the words I thinks they are.

Do you think reading would be fun if you saw words the way I see them?


thankfully I learn most of what I know like info on exotic & luxury cars, Super cars etc.from watching videos,

like on YouTube and video games, listening to Audio books and from my teachers actually explaining the lessons to us.

Oh, and my Mom who never shuts up about describing everything that comes out of her mouth..In a good way.








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New Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Debuts 1,500HP Chiron Hypercar

Bugatti President Wolfgang Durheimer wanted to make this Supercar Better!

How does a company make a car like the Veyron even better? Well, it needs to be faster, better looking, more efficient, more luxurious, and modern. Bugatti stuck true to its turbocharging roots in the development of The Chiron.

Bugatti once again built one of the fastest cars on the planet.
Chiron is a full three seconds quicker than the Veyron.

Did you think Bugatti was going to make a cheap hypercar?
The Chiron definitely isn’t cheap, exceeding even the Veyron with a
($2.6 million) price tag!

I can’t wait to video visit one of these beauties!


Bugatti Chiron side Bugatti Chiron

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