My 12th Birthday

I have to say this was one of the best birthdays ever.

Not because of the gifts I received.

But because all my family got together to celebrate me in different ways.

On Saturday I got together with my Aunt, Uncle & cousins for lunch & laughs at Ponzios diner, our favorite place.


Then on Sunday evening we went to visit my sisters at college & have dinner & celebrate with them & their boyfriends.


We really had the best time ever!!

I am grateful to have lots of family to celebrate with.

Even my big brother who lives at college in Boulder Colorado sent me a fantastic ball that I’m not supposed to play with in the house with but he & I both know that’s not going to happen.


Thanks for calling me too Marky,

I miss you soo much!

Thank you to my parents for making all of these special times possible!

I’m a lucky kid!


IMG_7330 IMG_7283

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Jaz update


I wanted to show everyone how big Jaz has gotten. She was 6 months old on February 15th. She is 6 pounds now & sooo big & long. Even her hair got a lot longer so now my Mom can put bows in her hair to keep her hair out of her eyes.

Plus my Mom likes to dress her up like a Princess dog.


Jaz is more in love with Katy than ever!

Katy is a very patient old grandma dog. My mom says no other old dog would put up with what Jaz does to her. I know Katy loves her & likes being loved.

We went down the shore last weekend & took Jaz for the first time. She was very comfy in the backseat of the car with Katy & I.  Jaz even looked like she was telling secrets to Katy in the car!

IMG_6843 IMG_6854 IMG_6868

Jaz was lost in the new house.

We had to put gates everywhere because she was a danger to herself.

She has to learn the house.


It was freezing down the shore but that didn’t stop Jaz from wanting to run on the beach. She loved it! She didn’t care that the wind was actually lifting her up.

She kept wanting to go back. We didn’t make it to the water because we were frozen before we got there.

When we came home Jaz got to meet my cousins dog Kenya. She is a South African Boer Boel. She is a Gentle Giant!

She is about 7 years old which is old for her breed but she acts like a giant puppy. She was crying for Jaz & wanted to kiss her & play with her. At first Jaz was scared to death of Kenya but after about 20 minutes they got used to each other & were fine together.

IMG_6972 IMG_6979

Now Jaz is able to hop up on our sofas to get to Katy where ever she sleeps so Katy can’t get away from her anymore.

Jaz is happy about that because she wants to snuggle with Katy all the time.

They are happy together.



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Kia K900 ~ Nothing Short of Luxury

Kia has been building cars for about 20 years so its considered pretty New.

My Mom says they started as very affordable smaller cars to mid-sized cars offered at a great value.

Their Look has become a show stopper.

We already owned a Kia Optima & My Family all drove it, (Except for me) and they loved it.

My Mom is not a car brand fanatic, she does have awesome taste and an amazing sense of style.

She likes Good looking cars, and likes that the Kia was a very reasonable priced car yet really sharp looking,

she says people must get out of the mindset that Kia’s are a lower end car.

They are beautiful looking and drive great. My Mom always says, they should make the inexpensive cars look sharper like Kia is doing & people will buy them.

Just because a car is reasonably priced it doesn’t mean it can’t look great and shouldn’t be considered a top competing Luxury car like a Lincoln, Cadillac or Lexus. I can compare this Kia to those luxury cars because I have been in all of them.

IMG_6553 IMG_6555 IMG_6559
Back in the day, the more affordable cars were pretty ugly.

Not anymore!

Now we have the Kia k900 which is everything a luxury car can be.

The 2014 Kia k900 has a base price of $59,500.

Trust me, This car has exactly what I want in a luxury car, Comfort, did you see the reclining back seats and all the controls & the Sun shades and talk about an extremely quiet interior.

I don’t hear a thing while sleeping on my way to school in this bad Boy.

Remember it has a V8 engine which makes it powerful, yet it is sporty.

My Dad is not as big as Lebron James but he is very tall and has really long legs so he needs a car with leg room but without putting his seat all the way back to crush the person siting in the back seat.

The K900 is perfect. It has a ton of legroom as you can see from my video. I am 5 ft now and You see how much leg room I have in the back seat, so you can comfortably fit Large adults in this sharp Luxury car.

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2015 Aston Martin Rapide S

This magnificent car is from my visit to FC Kerbeck.

You have to see this beauty in person to appreciate how gorgeous it really is.

My Mom says this is a true Princess car! Yes, she wants it!

This car is elegant & sophisticated which is exactly what Aston Martin represents.

If there was a Mrs.James Bond, this would be her car!

The color is perfect in Silver Blonde & the Cream Truffle interior is stunning.

I couldn’t see my dad driving this car because of the color combination, but I can definitely see my Mom driving this.


Aston Martin Rapide S back Aston Martin Rapide S front Aston Martin Rapide S side



Anyway, it is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. Check out my video on YouTube to get a better look.

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