My feet are killing me!

My Mom took me to my pediatricians office & I told him my feet are killing me when I first stand up in the mornings & when I wear my cleats at baseball. 

He said, you have:

“Plantar fasciitis (PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis) is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It involves pain and inflammation of a thick band of tissue, called the plantar fascia, that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes.

Plantar fasciitis causes stabbing pain that usually occurs with your very first steps in the morning. Once your foot limbers up, the pain of plantar fasciitis normally decreases, but it may return.You must wear supportive shoes.”

I basically can’t put any pressure on my feet, my heels are killing me & I walk like a 100 year old man. 

When I went to the Dr of course I was wearing my flip flops with socks on & he grabbed my flip flop & said, none of these. 

You need to always wear good sneakers that support your foot & Ankles. I said I just slipped these on to come here , but I always wear my sneakers. My feet only hurt me when I wear my cleats. My Dr said, because cleats are flat & have no support. He told me to go to CVS & use the Dr Scholls  machine. We drove right there. It’s really easy & cool to do. U stand still on this treadmill looking thing & it scans your feet one at a time. Then it tells you exactly where you need support & which insert you need. I have low arches so I needed the 220 pair of inserts to put in my cleats. 


Wow, as soon as I slipped them in my cleats my feet felt 100 times better. He also told me that I must do these exercises with a towel every morning before I put one foot down on the floor. I have not missed a morning even though I do them while I’m half asleep because I get up at 5:35 am, but it’s worth it because it truly helps me to be able to walk. The inserts cost about $55 dollars, not to cheap but worth every cent. I was dying in pain & limping before & now I’m all better. I even told my cousins who have foot pain & they got them & said their feet feel better too. If your feet hurt, you need to go to get scanned by this machine. Do it now, don’t suffer another minute in pain. 


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Good News & Bad News

The pics posted above is of an email we just found.

I just found out that I might have missed the opportunity of a lifetime because of not checking an email address I didn’t know I had.

Do NOT make this mistake!

Keep track of ALL your emails you create or at least forward them all to one.

I had this gmail email

Account created for my YouTube channel but we never ever check it.

Im not going to mention any names about who dropped the ball on this one.

(You know who u are).

I’m sure u already feel much worse than I do.. I actually hope you are feeling worse than I do…

Sorry, but I’m suffering right now.

It was the best email I didn’t understand reading,

Until my Mom told me what it really meant, and then she broke the news that the email was from April!!

Are you kidding me??


Even I know that’s 6 months ago..

Well, it started out really good, so I guess that was the “good news” part.

Then the “bad news” rolled in.


My mom says, that my grandmother used to say, “when 1 door closes 10 more open”.

Well, I made sure that gmail address has been forwarded to my personal email so I don’t miss out on any other opportunities.

I know the person who was the ball dropper could have just deleted that old special gmail, what counts is that she didn’t.

Thank you for being honest, I forgive you.

But You are relieved of all email duties.. Lol

No, really.. Thanks for letting me see the email I missed.

Even though it hurts I’m still so honored.

It just shows that u never know who is reading your blog or watching your videos.

Im lucky to have some pretty big fans 🙂

My Mom asked me how I felt about receiving those emails & of course she videoed my answer.

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2016 Mercedes Benz S550

2016 Mercedes Benz S550

S-Class Sedan S550

Exterior: Cashmere White Metallic Matte. 


I wanted you to see one of the prettiest cars I have ever scene. It’s my Moms car, her name is Matty. My mom names all her cars. 

This car has the most magnificent interior I have ever sat inside. Reclining rear passenger seats, 3 TV’s, 6 CD options with surround sound. Fiber optic lighting color wheel. What more could you ask for, it’s like a living room on wheels!

Matte 2016 S-Class Sedan Mercedes Bez S550 Mercedes S550 2016 Mercedes Benz S class Sedan S550 Cashmere White Metallic Matte


I like driving anywhere sitting in the back seat of this car. 

Matte Mercedes S550 back seat Mercedes S550

I have to say it is nicer than any Maybach I have ever had the pleasure to sit in. The matte finish paint is stunning but can be high maintenance for some people. Not for us, because we love to wash our cars by hand. My Mom says it relaxes her. I help by vacuuming it with a hand held vacuum, plus I am the one who makes the most dirt & crumbs in the back seat. 

Check out my YouTube video visit of this beauty and you will see it at night as well. 

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Horrible Teachers

Most of you know that my old private school threw me out in 4th grade after I was diagnosed with Dyslexia & ADHD.

We have a lawsuit against them. We want to make sure they never discriminate against another learning Disabled student like they did to me. 
They could have been nice and kind & understanding until I found a school to teach me the way I need to learn. We always waited for them to be better. My dad always had hope they would be better to me but things just got worse & worse. 
And they just got bad again. We just received most of their internal emails which means what the teachers & Head Master were saying to each other about me. We always wondered how they felt and now we know. My mom has been crying everyday since she read these papers. She can’t believe teachers would talk like this about their own student. About her own son. 
I used to tell my parents all the time that the teachers didn’t care about me and want to hurt me and now you can read exactly how my 2 classroom teachers felt about me. Tr Marietta & Tr Bette. 
Teacher Betty says, “lately I see him taking up space in the room”. And says all those goodbyes in different languages. 
Teacher Marietta says, “Well done, looks like the end may be near” to the Assistant Head Master on the Snowy Sunday night they threw me out. I don’t think these kind of kid haters should be teachers. 
It’s not my fault I got diagnosed with dyslexia, I was a good student, I have great behavior and I am always helpful to others. I knew this was how they felt about me, they showed me everyday. They only want the independent learners in their classroom.  Now my Mom & Dad & everyone else knows how they felt about me to. 
It’s very sad to know that teachers are bullying their own students & parents don’t even know. 
IMG_3571 (1) IMG_3567 (1)
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Pope Francis visits Philly

Last week was all about the Pope coming to visit Philadelphia. I don’t really know much about the Pope. My Mom is Catholic & my Dad is Jewish but my brother, sisters & I have always gone to Quaker Schools. That just means my Mom wants us to have good values like being good to others & helping people & being good people, treating all people the same. That is why it hurt so much when my old private school threw me out when I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. They should have been understanding and kind and treated me better.

Anyway, the Popes visit was a huge deal for our City. Every where you turned had the Pope advertised on it. Every magazine had the pope, no exotic cars this monthIMG_3030

The pope flags were in every front porch on my uncle’s street in South Philadelphia


This was a coffee cup my website director bought on her way to work


I had off school on Friday & Monday because they closed all the main roads & bridges because the Pope was staying not to far from my school.  I’m not complaining.  I hope everyone enjoyed his visit because I hear it’s a once in a lifetime.  I know my Mom wanted to visit but it was just too crowded.  My friend from school went with his family but i’m not sure if he saw him.


My friend from baseballs moms friend was in SWAT detail for the Pope so he got great pics of the Pope getting off his airplane when he arrived in Philadelphia.  I hope you enjoyed your visit Pope Francis. 🙂



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