Fall Ball 2015

Fall Ball started last week.

As usual I have been pestering my coach to let me Pitch.

I haven’t gotten a hit yet, I struck out a few times and got walked. I don’t know why I’m having trouble hitting. My parents think the kid pitchers pitch fast & I’m not used to hitting fast balls. At batting practice my coach pitches to us and he doesn’t pitch very fast. I hit every single ball at practice, now I just need to hit at my games. I have tipped a few. I know once I hit one then I will start becoming a hitter. It’s just getting that first hit that seems hardest. I wish the kids would pitch to us at practice so I can get a feel of hitting off of them. For some reason the coaches never let the kids pitch to us at practice. Well anyway, the good new is the other day only a few kids showed up for practice so I asked my coach if I could pitch to him. I wanted him to see how good I pitch so maybe he would take a chance on me. My dad says, the coach probably isn’t to motivated to let me pitch at a game because I am not a good hitter right now. But I know I can pitch & I am a good catcher as well.

I figured at this empty practice was my chance to let my coach see my pitching. I did a great job, he was very impressed. He said, “Wow, I think we have a New Pitcher!” Then he let me Play Catcher for him. I did great at that too. He said, “Sky, your a great Catcher, you need to be catching too.”

Finally, he is not just judging me on my terrible hitting.

Guess what? I was Starting Pitcher in my game last night. I pitched 2 innings of No Hitters!!



Oh, Yea!!! It felt Amazing!!

My brother says, “Who needs to hit, when you can Pitch!”

He was sooo happy for me. I had a smile from ear to ear. It doesn’t take much to make me feel happy and proud of myself.  I don’t do great at a lot of things & try not to feel bad about them, or let myself get down about them, but when I do 1 thing good it feels better than 10 things I did bad!

I can’t explain the feeling, it’s like one good thing I can do washes away the 10 things I can’t do or that I’m not good at.

Even though I didn’t get a hit that game, I Pitched 2 innings with No hitters!

That makes me feel on top of the world!

Well, gotta go.. I’m never gonna give up on practicing my hitting & pestering my coach to put me in to Pitch.

Like Marky says, “if you don’t ask, you might not get a chance.” So I’m gonna keep asking..

Btw, we won that game!IMG_3079

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Skys American Express Ad

Great Tickets to Eagles Vs. Dallas Game!


My Uncles first time at the Linc!


10 minutes till game time / Best Day EVER!!!!


Just found out the tickets my dad bought on Ebay are FAKE – Priceless


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I made it to Middle School!!

Who woulda thought I would make it this far. My old Private School certainly didn’t

when they kicked me out and tried to make me a 4th grade drop out.

Thanks for that Haddonfield you know who.

Oh, while we’re at it, can I give a shout out to Tr Bette, u know why!

Back to Middle school, thankfully I don’t have to learn locker combinations or should I say be stuck

fighting to get my locker open everyday. My school now has New Locker Scanner Cards.

It really doesn’t get more techie than this.

You just scan you card in front of the lock and Voila, your locker makes some noise and it opens.

You know how school tells you to read 20, 30 minutes a night, well in only took until 2015 to

let Comic books, Internet articles and magazines count as reading material.

Not just Novels or chapter books, one of my very favorites, NOT!

Finally, Dupont Registry Magazine articles count and Motor Trend, Car and Driver and one of my

favorite, Robb Report.


I have to add that I am also a huge internet researcher, some of my favorite sites that I am constantly reading from are, Yahoo News, so I can keep up with what is going on in the world, Not having to actually hold the Black and white newspapers,Like back in the George Washington days


Like My Dad reads, he makes me drag them in from the driveway everyday, even when they are soaking

wet and soggy & falling apart…

His famous line…”Wheres My Barrons? Financial Investment News – Stock Investing News – Investment News – Barrons.com , Its missing!!”

My dad actually reads like 20 newspapers a day. He’s not saving any trees thats for sure.

Anyway, back to my internet interests. My favorites of the month are, Ebay, FCKerbeck, and Realtor.com.

I am glad these sites will count as reading because I spend hours researching and reading all about things on these sites that I really enjoy.

Thanks Woodlynde for getting with the times.


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Dyslexic Quarterback

tebow dyslexic quarterbackI just found out that Tim Tebow is Dyslexic just like me.

He is currently on my home team, the Eagles.

I won’t even post the mean things they said about him in the news, because I won’t advertise for them.

None of them have any idea how cruel it is to talk about a person the way the cut him up.

I guarantee Tim works harder than any player on the field. I’m positive he has to study everything far longer

than the other players as he doesnt learn the way they teach.

So he has to always reteach himself the way he needs to learn. Look how far it has gotten him.

Tim, I can imagine how hard your life has been and I just want you to know that you will always be a

fantastic role model to me. You have proved what someone can accomplish even when all the odds are against them.

I wish you luck and I  hope they don’t cut you from the Eagles.

This below reminds me of myself because I cant write out the football plays in words but I can draw a mean play with Xs and Os !!

“So I just made flashcards, I take each one, and then boom, when I’m traveling, I just flip through it,” he explained.

“That really helped me. Writing it down, flipping through and quizzing myself, that was a great way for me to do it.”

The QB described how his style of learning by application has impacted his work on the football field.

“So much in football is touching, feeling, walking through, writing it on boards,

drawing Xs and Os,” Tebow said. “And all those are the best for me.”

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