Cleaning my playroom – NOT!

My Mom caught me, actually heard me dumping out all my toy chests this morning in my play room. By the time she walking in it was a pretty bad sight.  I even forgot what i was looking for in the first place. Once you start dumping you can’t stop. I found things I haven’t seen for months. I was glad to be reunited with some old favorites. I am not looking forward to cleaning that mess up. I can’t even imagine all that stuff fitting back in those bins. Oh, and you got to meet my dog Katy. She is always in there with me hanging out watching me play with toys or video games. Today my tire toy chest fell on her but she was fine. It is not heavy especially since it was empty. Well, let me go try to bribe one of my twin sisters to clean my play room for me. They are good at organizing stuff. Or I will have to offer to pay them, what ever works.


IMG_2574 IMG_2578 IMG_2584

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My Diecast Collection

I had a request from one of my biggest fans to see my Diecast car collection. These are a few of my exotics. The pics are of my BMW i8, Rolls Royce Ghost, a Lamborghini, Mercedes etc.. Some of the cars are not in the best condition because I actually play with them. Some of the Tires fall off and doors break and side mirrors are snapped off too. I still think you will enjoy looking at them.

I also made a video of me describing them and playing with them. Check it out.






Check out this Maybach and Paganis & my remote control Bugatti.






Here is the video review that I did!



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