Pagani Factory Museum




While I was in Italy my Dad planned this Amazing tour of Exotic car museums & factory’s  with

We took an Bella (beautiful) Italian train from Venice to Bologna to meet Francesco of MotorStars.


He picks you up with a Black Air-conditioned Mercedes Van with a TV for everyone to watch car videos on the way to the museums.

I was sooo excited.


Our first stop Pagani!! I had never seen a Pagani in person before so I was beyond excited!!

Here we come Pagani..

Guess what?


There was a surprise when we got there!..


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Hurricane up my street

I am taking an Urgent break from my blog tour of Italy to show you this storm that hit my neighborhood last night.

Well, actually hit my street.

These pics are of my next door neighbors house.

I have never seen roots like that.

It is sad to see such a big old tree fall down like that. I am glad that no one was hurt. Especially the tree that hit my other neighbors house. All the trees blocked in the cars also.

We got lucky, we only lost electric and a tree split my back yard fence in half. Well, my dad won’t think we got lucky, but we did.

I’m not posting the pics of us hiding with our dog & cats In our basement bathroom. Let’s just say I was emotional! It was the scariest thing ever. I’m glad it’s over.

IMG_1428 IMG_1429



This tree fell on wires and caught on fire & burnt the inside of the tree out.


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Doge’s Palace Venice Italy

Doge’s palace is In St . Marks square. Their patron St. Is San Marco. The Doge was like The President back then and this was his house. It had jails in it and the biggest most beautiful room you ever saw. It took us an hour to walk through it quickly.

There are 2 huge Columns just outside the Square were people were killed for doing bad things back then. They would face the clock tower and that would be the last thing they saw was their time of death. Still today, some Venetian parents tell their kids when they are misbehaving, ” I’ll show you what time it is”. That means they are in big trouble because they all know what that saying means. Venetians are proud of their history & take care of their islands. It feels like you are living thousands of years ago when you visit.

Much more to come from my trip to Italy.

Yes, I will be showing you Fantastic Italian Cars & many of them. Wait & see!!

IMG_0694 IMG_0697 IMG_0784




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Venice Italy

This is me on vacation in Venice Italy. I can’t believe there is a city on the planet with No CARS!


Instead they travel by Water Taxis & Gondola’s. They even have Gondola traffic jams!IMG_0646



Almost every building is Historical & there are tons of Beautiful churches.


Oh, and don’t forget my favorite, Cappuccino!



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Middle School here I come!

It was just over a year ago that my old school threw me out when they found out I was Dyslexic. My new school took me in with open arms. I have a new home now and great friends. I can finally learn the way I always needed to.
Thank you Woodlynde you are a life saver!



Here is a picture of me and my sisters



My mom was so proud!




Here is my speech



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Marky for President!

Well it’s official, my brother is working in Washington DC this Summer. He sent us pics of the White House and other building yesterday. He is having an adventure. Yesterday he made a friend with a kid who is working at the Department of Homeland Security! Tomorrow a Governor is giving him a private tour of The Capital. I’m proud of you Marky, I’m moving in the White House with you! I want to take a ride in “The Beast”, for those who don’t know what that is, it’s the most spectacular car to protect the President.

Good luck Marky!!

IMG_0431 IMG_0434 IMG_0436

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