Memorial Day Weekend!

This was the coldest Memorial Day weekend ever. It looked beautiful out but is was windy & cold. But that didn’t stop us from playing endless games of basketball and playing football & soccer with my brother & his college friends on the beach.

Great weekend!

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Cousins “B” Day Party!

We celebrated my 3 cousins birthdays Santino, Chase & GiGi.. It was at SkyZone and then we had Pizza & cake afterwards. We had a great day all together, jumping and eating and best of all my cousin Santino got his favorite Chewbacca stuff animal. I got it for him!!

IMG_0198 IMG_0181 IMG_0163


Happy Birthday Cuz!!


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My brother and sisters are home!

My brother and sisters are finally home from College. My Mom said it went from quiet to crazy in zero to 60 seconds like a fast car. I’m just happy they are all home. I’m catching up to my brother, we played basketball and soccer. Soon I will be able to beat him!


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My Dad is Umpire??

That’s right, our umpire didn’t show up for our baseball game the other night. So MY DAD volunteered to be Umpire!

He did a great job, well, except when he called me out on 3rd Base!!

Wow, that hurts Dad!

This pics are great, first I am up to bat while Daddy is umpire, then I am Catcher while my Dad is umpire.IMG_5389IMG_5400

I will never forget this game!

I think my Dad found his New Calling, he was soo Happy being Umpire.

You go DaD!!

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