Naples Motor Sports

2014 Ferrari F12

My first visit to Naples Florida I couldn’t wait to visit Naples Motor Sports.

I was welcomed by Chris who seems to take care of every supercar at NMS. He invited me to video visit any car I wanted. I went straight for the White on White 2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. All I could really say was WoW!!

Ferrari Berlinetta Ferrari F12 Berlinetta





Even my Mom loved it. The white interior made it look super luxurious.

It was one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen.


This is a 2006 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Coop. Check out those Butterfly doors!! Supercars don’t get any classier than this one!

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Coop Mercedes Benz SLR Mercedes McLaren Coop SLR McLaren Coop



Check out my video visits and make sure you like them for me..

I hope you enjoy these pics and videos as much as I do!!



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Lotsa Snow

Like most kids I like when it snows.
Well we got hit with an unexpected storm.
This is my dog Katy watching daddy shovel!
It was very cold out so I bundled up real good, then off to sledding down my driveway. Later that night all the streets turned to ice skating rinks.
It looked really cool but it was dangerous! No driving just sledding 🙂IMG_3750 IMG_3767 IMG_3762 IMG_3733

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2015 Baseball tryouts

Tonight I had baseball tryouts.
This year is different than last year because I’m older we have to go to 2  days of tryouts, it’s really serious.
I think I did pretty good with my fielding and then I had to do hitting, don’t think I did so good with my hitting. Couldn’t seem to hit one ball, not sure if they were curve balls or what.
Then I tried out for Pitching and I threw 2 strikes out of 3 pitches, not bad!
I have to go again this week, I’ll keep u posted.
All I can do is try my best, wish me luck!

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2015 Cars on 5th

I’m at the 2015 Cars on 5th Show in Naples Florida.

They should call this Ferrari Heaven.

There are over 400 cars on display here.

You will never see this many Ferraris in one place like this ever.

Some were brought here by dealers like and other dealerships and there were many that were independently owned. That’s not all that was here. There were Bentleys, Corvette Stingrays, Lamborghini’s, Mercedes, like the G Wagon, one of my very favorite Mercedes.

Tons of people covered the street, they were so excited to see these Supercars up close!

What a great afternoon!

Thanks for taking me Mommy & Daddy 🙂

carson5th1 carson5th2 carson5th3 carson5th4 carson5th5

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Most wonderful use of a car

Giving thanks!

This is the most wonderful use of a car that I have seen!

My Mom and I read this amazing article.

James Robertson has been walking 21 miles to commute to work outside Detroit for nearly a decade — until today.

A donation campaign has raised $300,000 so far.
Stories don’t get any more heartwarming or better than this one.

I am the biggest car fan around, but I am only 10 years old.

I would have personally given this man a car if I could afford it. and paid his car insurance..

He is someone that every one should look up to. He is a role model for everyone, young and old.

He is an American Idol!

Mr.Robertson never complained about his life, he just did what he had to do and walked to his job everyday.

I was just in Detroit and felt first hand how cold it gets there and i only had to wait for a Uber car to pick me up from the Detroit Auto Show.


God Bless You Mr. Robertson, you deserve that car! I am Sooo Happy for you!!!


This is what I want to know.

All car manufacturers, I’m talking to you…Where are you when things like this happen??

You will spend 9 MILLION Dollers for a corny car commercial for the Super Bowl!

How about stepping up and giving an an American Idol like Mr. Robertson a car.

He is what we would like to see you represent!

Not made up stories of fake landscapes, but real life.

It is 2015, its time you all stepped up and did the right thing.

It took a campaign to get this man a car, Not a Car Manufacturer!

I am disapointed in you all.. 🙁


You should be making a commercial with this hero in it and purchase his quote, as life doesn’t get any more real that this:

“It’s simple on the outside and strong on the inside – like me.”

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