British Businessman Super Car Lover

Check out this British business man and his exotic fleet of sports cars.

No, Its not Sir Richard Branson.

  •  Businessman Paul Bailey already owned a McLaren P1, worth £866,000
  •  This past Saturday he added a £780,000 Porsche and £1.2m Ferrari to his fleet.
  •  I guess he is trying to have a different fast car for each day of the week.
  •  My kinda car lover.


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2015 Detroit Auto Show


I’m finally here!! I’m still in shock.

I am wearing my credentials for  the NAIAS. I saw so many cars I will try my best to share as many pictures of them with you as possible. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel as I have lots of videos!!



This is the Ford GT Supercar!! Looks like a blue rocket! I bet you can’t believe that Ford made this futuristic mega supercar!


You know who this guy is, the Michelin Man! He was giving out Huggs not tires..


This is the Mercedes F 015.
WoW, To infinity and beyond!! How old will I have to be before this concept car comes out??
This is a self-driving company nicest car. The 4 seats swivel & can face each other. I’ll take one as soon as they come out!!


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2015 Detroit Auto Show

My NAIAS Auto Show Charity Preview to tickets!

My NAIAS Auto Show Charity Preview to tickets!

OMG, My Dad just told me I’m going to the 2015 Detroit Auto Show!

The North American International Auto Show is held in Detroit every January.

It is the most important auto show in the world.

I will also be attending the NAIAS Charity event.

The Detroit auto show is the largest in the world.

They will have so many fantastic cars there I can’t wait, I just read they will be

showing the Tesla electric bolt concept car, I cant wait to see the Ford F-150 truck.

Every Big, fast, luxurious and exotic car will be there, and so will I…

Jaguar with its F-Pace, Bentley and Maserati are newcomers with their very first SUV’s.

I’m soo excited, I will be reporting to you with all the details and videos possible.

Auto Motive World here I come!

What to Expect in the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

10 Cars That Will Rock The Motor City

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