Our Christmas Tree Adventure!














Every year we all go to the Spruce Goose to cut down our own Christmas tree. Each year is more fun than the last. We all tickle each other with sticks and stuff we find in the woods. We take our time to find the perfect tree. We don’t always agree at first but then we all love it. It was a little big when we got it home!!





















































But we love it anyway!

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Thanksgiving at my House

My Mom always cooks Thanksgiving at our house.  My brother & Sisters all came home from college for the week. It is great to have a full house again.











This is our family Thanksgiving.

















My cousins and I still have to sit at the kids table and all the grown ups sit at the really big table.











Then my other cousins came over for dessert.

I have big cousins and then there are the 5 of us little cousins. My mom and her sisters had all 5 of us in 2 years so we are all pretty close. There is 4 boys and one girl.

Niko is in 6th grade, GiGi & I am in 5th grade, Santino is in 4th grade & Chase is in 3rd grade.

We have a great time when we all get together. We were excited to have dessert, it’s our favorite part of the holiday!


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The Cake Boss














The Cake Boss has moved into my neighborhood!

Aren’t I lucky.














My Mom and I just went to get some goodies and the line was out the door. Everyone was glad to take a number & wait. They all had smiles on their faces. All the characters were there from the show except for Buddy. They were all so nice and helpful.














Yes, I got a big bag of cookies, but couldn’t wait in the long line for a cannoli..














They were only on number 19 and we had number 40!

The cookies were great!!

Welcome to the neighborhood Cake Boss Family.















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Inspiring Article

This is a great article. 

Most people don’t know that many people have fears, even guys like these have fears because they are only people.

I can really relate to them because I have fears, fears of not being able to do things in school that most kids can do, because of my learning difference.

My dyslexia makes me never know when I am not going to know something.

I have a fear that a teacher or coach or someone will point out something I don’t know and I will be embarassed by that. It is a horrible feeling.

Even though i have these fears about the things i am not great at, I have lots of things I am good at.

They are called my strengths, like being a good luxury exotic car blogger, making amazing video visits for my you tube channel and being good at sports and being a good friend and a good person.

I try to focus on what I can do and not the things i can’t do.

which makes me a better person and a really hard worker.

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My Lego Car

photo 1













It was raining all day today so I built this Lego car model. It is really neat, the hood and doors can open and it’s a convertible. I really like building Lego models but I have to build them fast or my cat Henri steals my pieces and runs away with them.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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