Halloween party

Friend Cassidy had an Amazing Halloween Party last night. I arrived as Jack Sparrow, Im pretty sure she was a Goddess..

photo 1 photo 2

She had lots of friends there, I knew a few from our acting class and the others I made friends with immediately. We are some food and lots of Sugar, we decorated our own Halloween Cupcakes. Her Mom is great she had all kind if decorations for the cupcakes, gummy eyeballs, pumpkins, scary things. Sorry I don’t have a pic of my cupcakes to show you, because I ate them all!! Yummy I had my first try at Karaoke, I need to get me one of those machines immediately!! We had so much fun, we played we ate, we laughed.. Greatest Halloween Party ever!!

I didn’t forget about you Dr. S.. You are growing the most interesting garden I have ever seen. My tongue is still burning from the hot pepper seed you gave me.. Lol Thanks for inviting me..


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Steven Hung

“My dad showed me this amazing article on this Hong Kong tycoon named Steven Hung.

He is having 30 custom Rolls Royce Phantoms made for his Louis XIII Casino Hotel he is building in Macau, due to open in 2016. I am hoping I will get an invitation from Steven Hung to be there for the Grand opening. Imagine seeing 30 Red Rolls Royce Phantoms, that is like a fantasy come true.

Rolls-Royce is also assisting in the design of the hotels driveway. They are calling these unique Rolls Royce Phantoms, “luxury land yachts”. Well I am planning to have a video visit in one of those luxury Land yachts. It turns out Mr. Hung actually drove a Rolls Royce to work when he was an intern at CityBank. Sounds just like me, Call me Steven, we can hang out, Sky-Style.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I just found this while researching cars on the internet.

I had to share it.

Can you believe that The Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel is going Pink for Breas Cancer Awareness Month and donating as well. They lit the entire majestic hotel up in pink lights plus in other places in the casino.

This really touches my heart as My Mom Mom died last year from Cancer and I am so proud of these huge companies for helping to find a cure. I know that i am going to help every way I can now and when I get older.

“The Peninsula Hong Kong boasts 14 bespoke Extended Wheelbase Rolls-Royce Phantoms, setting a record for the largest single order in December 2006, in a partnership that began with The Peninsula Hong Kong’s first order of seven Silver Shadows in 1970”.

Good job, Peninsula, Your my kinda Hotel.

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My First Eagles Game

My Dad took me to my first Eagles game on Sunday against the Rams.

We won the tickets at an auction from my school.

I am so glad My Dad bid for them.

They were the Best seats ever!

We could see the camera men, it was really amazing seeing how they film for television.

We could see the Players up close, I felt like I was right on the field.

There is this huge Eagle Head and smoke comes out  of it and then each player

runs out of its mouth, it sooo cool.

Even the Cheerleaders were near us.

Best of all the game was so exciting and we Won.

I can’t wait to go to another game..

Go Eagles!!

IMG_0901 IMG_4798
IMG_4794 IMG_4799


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FC Kerbeck Video Visit

 photo 1  On Saturday I went to FC Kerbeck for my First YouTube Video Visit at a Dealership.I wanted to make Kerbeck my first video visit because they were my first Blog dealership.

They will always be my favorite, no offense to all the other wonderful dealerships that I visit.

Kerbeck just holds a special place in my heart. 

Frank Kerbeck and I go way back,

since I was 8 years old.

Once again they treated me as if the dealership was all mine.

Steve treats me like a son, I can’t thank him enough for welcoming me and my video 

team (My Mom) back to make videos of their gorgeous cars.

I had to start with My Moms favorite the

2014 Rolls Royce Ghost, WOW.

It had to be the white one,

I swear one day I will have one of these.

I had a great time making the videos.

Check out my youtube channel,  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzF1LMnrdD6C9kvCHCuwC_w

It is coming along pretty nicely.


photo 4





photo 2 photoThis is the 2014 Maserati Ghibli , I love it!I also met Rick Halverson at Kerbeck.

He runs their internet department.

I have watched many videos on FC Kerbecks website that he makes.

Rick is the nicest guy ever.

He was so helpful to me when I needed different keys to the cars and anything I needed.

I told him maybe we will make a video together one day for

SkysCars.com Youtube channel or for

FC Kerbecks website,

that would be My Dream.

Maybe Rick will invite me to do a video visit

with him for FC Kerbeck,

I can be a Special guest.


photo 3 This is the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan.They also had a white Lamborghini Huracan

but someone was test driving it,

you had to see that,

One word,



Thank you again everyone at

FC Kerbeck,

I can’t wait to come back and Video Visit some more of your

exotic cars…

Sky Style


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