My New Lamborghini Back Pack!

My New Lamborghini back pack   just    arrived



It is made out of the same materials

that they use for the interior

of the Lamborghini sports car.


It is amazing!!



IMG_4561 IMG_4562


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Back to the Gulf

On vacation in the

Gulf of Mexico.

Those huge floats on the water are like doing


in the ocean. 

Crazy Funnn!!!


Poor Fish!


Did you ever try chocolate covered Bacon. That’s right, I said Bacon.

I thought it would be better with the salty and sweet.

My Mom didn’t like it, neither did I.

It tasted really weird, I don’t recommend it.


This is for you Marky, I know you watched this Movie about 100 times. 

On a Pier in Tampa Bay. Sooo beautiful and lots of fish.


Watching Madagascar on the beach and making smores over an open fire, I highly recommend this. Yummmmyyyy

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