Meet Loki

Everyone knows Thor. He has a younger brother Loki.That is Loki next to Katy.Loki thinks Katy is a huge Godzilla dog! Katy with Thor and baby Loki.They look like a family.
We got to dog sit Thor and Loki on Saturday before Easter. 

Loki is the tiniest dog I ever saw.

You have to sit on the floor with him because he likes to jump

and you don’t want him to get hurt.

So you just sit on the floor & play with them.

They are soooo cute.

Thor looks big next to Loki.


Loki is chubby..

He gets sleepy very easily..awww..
Easter morning.This is my impression of a Chicken.I know I have bunny ears on, give me a breakI’m dyslexic.

Our Cool Easter Bunny.She looks like Snoop Dogg!
We are missing one more kid, Marky.We took this picture & texted it to him. 

He said he wished he was there. Me too.

Did you notice I am almost as tall as girlies?

Pretty soon we will all be the same size,

I am catching up.

La Familia – Family in Italian.
Homemade Pasta, Yuuummmyyyyy
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OMG, I’m Pitching!

My coach said,

“Sky, your on the mound!”

Did I hear him right?

I’m Pitching?

I was sooo excited I jumped up and down

like it was Christmas morning.

First time I ever stood on pitchers mound.I pitched pretty good, especially for my first time.

Then all of the sudden I hit a kid in his helmet with the ball.

I felt terrible. I know I didn’t hurt him.

The helmet protected his head,

but you feel really badly when you hit someone when your pitching.

I am going to keep practicing my pitching for the next game.

I can’t wait.

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My First Baseball Game

I had to buy a Helmet.

In the dugout with my team. I am #6.

We have a really nice kids on our team.

I played basketball with 2 of the kids so I already knew them.


My first time up to bat, ever!These kids are all really good fast pitchers.

I struck out 2 times and got one walk

I try not to feel badly when I strike out or mess up on a play.

I know I will do better next time.

I noticed that some of the kids on all the teams look like they are going down the “Shame Drain”, when they mess up a play or don’t pitch to good or strike out. I know how it feels to mess up or fail at things because it happens to me all the time at school.

I try to stay positive when these things keep happening to me.

I hope the players can try to think positively so they 

won’t feel so bad when they mess up at baseball.

Its no big deal, just keep trying. Thats what I do.

We have great coaches.

They are the Dads.

My Mom told them I have dyslexia and I don’t know right from left or before and after and where the positions are on the field.

When my coach tells us our positions, I always run back to them and ask where it is?

They are all always so patient and kind and don’t criticize me for not knowing where to stand.

I didn’t even know where center field was?

All we need is for someone to be nice to us and give us a chance.

You may have to tell us the positions or directions every single time because we don’t remember them.

But we are worth it.  I wish everyone was as nice as my coaches.

They take the time to show me how to bat. They even let me try out for pitcher!

I want to be a pitcher.

I want to be a good player.

I just need some help.

I will always try as hard as I can, thats what I do.


I got walked to first base. Then I stole second base.


This is me getting ready to steal third base, I did!

Then I got to run to home plate.

I am having a lot of fun at baseball.

I even got hit by the ball on my second game.

The pitcher hit me right in the back. Now I know how it feels.

It hurts right away and then you rub it or get ice and the pain goes away.

My mom was right, it won’t kill you to get hit by the ball.


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This is Paris

Palace of Versailles, or The Château de Versailles.Which ever you call it, it a Huge Castle where 

Marie Antoinette lived. Marie spent a lot of money

decorating this castle while the people of France were starving

and suffering.

They did not like her because of this.



This is called the Hall of Mirrors.This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

I can’t believe they lived like this with gold and chandeliers


This is Marie Antoinette’s Bedroom. They had tiny beds because they slept sitting up.

Do you know why?

Because they believed that only the dead slept flat.

Her room was sooo fancy, and she had a secret passage to her husbands

 Louis XVI ‘s  room. Pretty cool, right.




The back of the Palace is huge.

The grounds go on forever.

The Eiffel Tower is bigger in person than I thought it was going to be.


The Louvre Museum.The glass pyramid shape outside is amazing and very creative.

It gets your attention right away.

I wish I could say the same about the inside.

It is a Gihugic Museum, with many floors.

I don’t recommend little kids going, unless they are total art history lovers.

I didn’t even get to see The Mona Lisa.

We were in and out.

I’m sorry Dad, but I had a really bad sore throat and the museum made it worse.



Great Pictures!

This is Neptune holding his trident.

Just like the trident on the Maserati logo.


This is the  AUTOLIB’.They have these self service Plug in Electric cars.

They are trying to reduce air pollution in Paris.

It is very big problem there, 

sometimes the air is so polluted you can’t even see the Eiffel Tower.

Notre Dame de Paris

This was the Most beautiful Church My Mom said she ever saw.

I have been watching The Hunchback of Notre-Dame Disney Movie since I visited

the Cathedral. Disney made it look exactly like the Real thing.




Look at this door to get in to the church.It Looks like Giants live here.

This Cathedral is so huge inside, you have to see it to believe it.

I don’t know how they could build it all those years ago.

This is Saint Theresa.I lit a candle next to her for my MomMom.

MomMom loved St. Theresa.

I hope you liked it MomMom..

Me eating a French Macaroon..yummy

Daddy bought me a red Aston Martin Jacket.The Aston Martin dealer was right at the corner of our hotel.

They said they only sell Black cars there.

I had a wonderful vacation and saw a lot of beautiful places.

I hope everyone enjoyed my adventure..

Until my next one.


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High Tea then off to Paris

This is My first High Tea.It started out verrrry slow… 

Then the Tea came. Hooray!!
Then the Good stuff came.Yummmmy! I ate basically everything on the tea tower.I ate my first British scone and then I tried to eat my Moms.Well, she gave me half of hers.They are sooo good.I want my Mom to learn how to make them. Tea time is very long. It is for relaxing and talking.

No one used their phones to text. They just talked

and talked to each other for hours.

It was really nice.

We do everything so rushed in America. Well at least my family


It was nice to see the British people actually take the time out of their day to talk face to face over tea and goodies.

Best Tea Party Ever!

I can’t wait to go to another one.


After Tea time…you are ready to take a nap…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz While I was in London, I started looking up all things about Sir Richard Branson.I saw his Huge Virgin airplanes at the airport.I saw his Virgin trains at the train station, they look like racing trains, soo fast.He is My Idol. He is Dyslexic just like me.

I think he would understand what I have been going through with my school. He did not have a good time at school when he was a kid either.

I have watched youtube videos where he talks about his dyslexia.

I read articles about him and my Mom reads me all kinds of things about him to me.

I know he has his own island also.

I know he lets people help him with things he is not good at just like I do.

He says, “My Head Master told me I would either be in jail when I got older or a millionaire”.

Well, I am not going to be in jail either.

I am going to be a millionaire and have lots of companies.

I am an entrepreneur and businessman just like he is.

I like to public speak and Act too. There are many things I am good at.

I wrote Sir Richard a long letter when I was in my hotel. I told him about myself & my school situation.

This is the last page of my letter that I wrote to him.

I wanted him to know that I was going to really try to start focusing on the things I am good at and not worry about what I am not good at.

I really want to make a difference for kids with Learning disabilities.

I want to speak for them and help them understand that no matter what hard times they are going through with their teachers or school or people.

They are not alone. I know exactly how it feels.

I want to help schools and teachers know how kids feel when they are the “different” ones in the classroom.

My Mom says there is a reason I was born dyslexic.

I think it is so I can help wake up this world and let them know that there is another ways of learning and to just give us a chance and just be nice and understanding to us.

We are learners. Even if you don’t recognize the way we learn.

Please just treat us with dignity.

I told my Mom, “You dont ned an IEP to tret a child wth diginity”.

My Mom writes most of my posts,  that quote was they way I write.

By the way..I write the rite way.

You all rite the wrong way.

Who would put a “K” in the word “ne” (Knee) anyway.

That doesn’t even make sense.

For those of you who can spell

Hippopotamus, I am very happy for you, because I can’t even spell “kat”.

But that is OK. I can live with that.

Can you??


Room Service Please..I love room service, especially when they serve Banana Splits!  

The last car I saw before our train ride to Paris France.

Not to shabby. It was the most Beautiful Black Rolls Royce I ever saw.


I am on the train to Paris. I set my office up.Very comfortable and watching Frozen. The weather in Paris.
This was parked in front of our Hotel when we pulled up in Paris.Mommy thought Daddy got romantic and got it to take her for a Princess ride.It was the most beautiful carriage you could ever see.I think it was from Marie Antoinette. 


They were actually picking up a famous painter.She painted a picture of Marie Antoinette.They wouldn’t tell us her name.We just want to go in the Carriage, Please..
This Rolls Royce was also parked out front of our hotel.I didn’t see many other Rolls Royces in Paris.It is not like London with all the exotic cars.Some days in London I saw 40 exotic cars in one day. 

Selfi of Mommy and I.
We were stalking the carriage…Isn’t it beautiful? This was Mommys Favorite Building. It was so big & beautiful.I want to buy it as a House and live in it.
My Dad took me to the Renault Store. I could drive this one.
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Maybach Surprise

I saw a Maybach in front of our Hotel.It was the nicest Maybach I ever saw, and the only white one I ever saw. 

I thought maybe a movie star was staying at our hotel and this was their car.Check out the license plate. 

Then I looked in the front windshield and this is what I saw.A paper on the dashboard that said, “Sir Sky!”Oh My gosh, could it be,

this car is here for me?

My Dad bought me my own Maybach??


I ran into my hotel to see where the driver was.I saw this man and he said he was waiting for me.I forget his name..He was the Best driver ever!
It turned our that My Dad surprised me and rented Me a Maybach with My own driver for a few hours.This feels like a Dream!Me enjoying the back seat, it reclines and feels like a comfy couch.My Dad had a Mission planned.

My driver was going to take us to Exotic Car dealerships in

London and a Special Car Museum.


H.R Owen has many, many car dealerships in London.I was lucky enough to visit a few.

My driver walking me back to the Maybach, it was raining and he didn’t want me to get wet.That was nice of him, he treated me like a Rock Star!!
We went to alot of car dealerships, but this one was my favorite.Jack Barclay Bugatti –


You are probably thinking because I got to see the most amazing Bugatti’s ever.

That is only part of the reason.

This is My Moms favorite Bugatti Ever!

The Gold one! 

This is The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Lang Lang.Black and white doesn’t get any better than this.It looks just like a Piano!!

If you had a Car Piano!!

“Bugatti does up a Special Vitesse for Lang Lang”.“It may be a bit of a stretch to find similarities between pianos and sportscars.

Both are made to perform, both have pedals and wheels. Both tend to cost around the same.

Unless you’re talking about a Bugatti, which would set you back more than any piano.

Well, Bugatti has just drawn an even closer parallel with this latest edition of the Veyron Vitesse roadster.

And not by applying some black lacquered trim pieces, either.

When celebrated concert pianist Lang Lang visited the factory at Château St. Jean in Molsheim,

Bugatti took the wraps off this unique Vitesse with a high-contrast black and white finish.”



Meet the ultimate saleswoman,

who has sold TEN Bugatti Veyrons

worth over £12m… in just one year

February 6, 2013 | by 
Guess What?
I got to meet her.
She is an amazing lady. 
No wonder people want to buy their Bugatti’s from her.
Anita is so sweet and kind. She loved My Maybach too!
She took the time to tell me the story about the Special Bugatti’s 
they were featuring in the showroom.
Then she even surprised me and gave me my very first Bugatti Hat!
How lucky am I! is me with Anita in front of the magnificent Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Lang Lang!Thank you Anita, for taking the time to tell me all about your Bugatti’s. I will never forget my trip to Jack Barclay and your kindness.

Keep selling those Bugatti’s.

I am going to buy one for my car collection one day.

Maybe they will make a SpecialSky Bugattito honor me one day.

Our Final stop was at the London Motor Museum.this is the owner, Elo. What a great guy.
This a Really Dubbed out Rolls Royce. 

This looks like a Bugatti. Amazing!! 

WoW, the real Herbie Car!!I saw that movie 100 times.

I can’t believe I am seeing him in real life!

This is The General Lee from the TV Show, “The Dukes of Hazard”. I Love this Original BatCar!!Elo has Sooo Many amazing cars at his Museum.Everyone who visits London should take a ride to The London Motor Museum!You don’t even have to be a car lover to go. He has cars from all different movies.My Mom saw cars from the shows she used to watch. She had a good time and so did our driver.

He said he was going to take his son for his birthday Party.

This is the coolest place ever.

Thank you Elo, I want to own a car Museum when I get older, just like yours.

Back in my Maybach, I felt like a Super Star. 

This is the Best day of my life!

I don’t want this day to end.Tomorrow when I wake up I am going to think I had a dream about this.Thank You Daddy for giving me such a wonderful surprise that I will never forget.


I hated to say goodbye to my driver.  

I told him that I would like him to be my

driver when I become famous.


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The Eye in Hyde Park


You can see the London Eye in this picture.I did not want to go on it.

Westminster Abbey, a famous church in London.

We couldn’t go in because it was closed.

I found this Eye in this tree in Hyde Park. It was Not carved in.

It grew like that.

I have have seen eyes in trees before, I have one out front of my house and I saw one in Florida.

It seems where ever I go I see eyes in trees.

Hyde Park is one of eight Royal Parks in London.

I ran around the park before we went to visit our cousins.

Maybe the eye was watching me run around or watching over the park.

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London Adventure

Wow, First time I ever saw a Virgin Train.I didn’t even know Virgin had Trains, I saw their Virgin airplanes at the airport.

Unfortunately I did not get to ride on either yet.

Maybe once Sir Richard Branson and I become buddies he can take me in his planes and trains.

You know we both have Dyslexia.

Our bus to Harry Potter Studio. It was double decker and I sat onthe top floor. We are at Warner Bros Studios.

I will be acting there some time soon.

The front doors at Hogwarts! They were huge!!
This is where they really filmed Harry Potter for 10 years. They were all like a family.

That was nice to work to work on movies for 10 years.

At least they got to be home in London.

This is the Dining Hall, My Moms Favorite Place.

It was amazing.

The triple decker bus. Diagon Alley!
The live Chess Set!


This is the real Dobby…awwww

The real news papers from the movies..

Oh NO, Not the earwax Jelly beans.Mommy made me test all of them. The worst one is Vomit flavor because 

it makes you want to vomit! Second worst was Rotten Eggs, just thinking about it

makes me gag.

This is the model of Hogwarts..It was fantastic.

These were great artist, you had to be so special to make all these things.

I had a wonderful day at warner Bros Studios..

I’ll be back to make my movies!

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Arriving in London

Im flying in Envoy Class which is like first class but with reallynice beds. It is the greatest way to fly!



My driver picked us up at the airport.What a surprise. He drove a Black Mercedes.

He spoke with a strong British accent.

He was really nice.


Our Royal hotel A famous Red London telephone booth. There are no phones in them. 

We were staying right across the street from Harrods department store.It is huge. Good if you like to go shopping. I do not like to shop.

I saw the Camel from “Hump Day” there.


They drink this crazy Bubblebeads drink in London.It was soo weird to suck up mushy beads through your straw.

Its like a wet gummy bear that someone spit out in your drink to

play a trick on you. When you bite the red ones they burst in your mouth.

Actually kinda gross but in a Science way. Its hard to explain.

We saw the Tower of London. Do you know how many Towers are in the Tower of London? 20. It is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.

This is where the young Queen Elizabeth I lived. I did a report on her.

They keep the Crown Jewels here. There are gorgeous crowns with stones and

diamonds on them and they are all real.

They keep Ravens around the property for good luck.



Our tour guild was having his last day before he retired. We were lucky to have him.

He told us that last year His daughter got married in the Chapel of St. John’s.

He told us he was able to borrow a Royal Tiara

from Queen Elizabeth II for his daughter to where on her wedding day.

She must have felt like a real Princess.


This was a metal dragon in the tower.There were lots of armored suits in the museum and really old amazing shields.

I would like to collect those old shields. They were way better than

Captain Americas shield.


I told Mommy to take this picture for Mr. Miller.This is the real deal. A Real life Huge Catapult.I guess they could do some Pumpkin Chunkin with this across London.

Do you know the song London Bridge is falling down?Well this is the bridge they are singing about.I remember watching the Summer Olympics last year

when 007 flew under it with Queen Elizabeth II.  

I wish we had a castle looking bridge like this at home. I think they based this off a Castle.

The architecture of this bridge looks just like a castle.

I ate my way through London.Yummy Waffle!! 

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