Biggest Pancake EVER!

On our way to Connecticut we ate breakfast at Harold’s Deli.Can you believe how big the Pancakes are here?

This was bigger than a Large Pizza.

It’s a very famous deli, but I feel badly to waste so much food.

If you go, you should share the food you order and bring a lot of people.

Bridge to Connecticut... We stayed at the W Hotel in Times Square. Our room was so unique, they had this cool sink below that we couldn’t even figure out how to turn on.

They had Hot Pink closets and really neat furniture.

This was the view from our room. Times Square, in the snow blizzard.

We walked to the M & M Store in Times Square. It is hard to drive your car around in New York City.

 It’s much easier to walk.


We also walked to the Disney Store and I bought this Baloo Bear for Marky. He is so cute. Don’t tell Mark I am keeping him in my bed until he comes home from College.

I also shopped at the Lids store and bought this cool Miami Heat Hat.

I really needed it that night, it was snowing so hard in New York.

My Mom opened a bottle of water in the middle of the night that was beside her bed that said “Drink Up“, she thought it was for free.

In the morning she saw the tiny print that said, $7.00

OH No!!

There were 2 free water bottles in the living room.

Hotels should put the free water bottles next to the beds, we always like to have water next to us when we go to bed. In case you get thirsty.

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Miller Motorcars is Fantastic

 Finally! I got to go visit Miller Motorcars!! I have been following their website for 2 long years. It was worth the wait. They had every car I have been wanting to see. We started our visit with the Aston Martin Vantage.
Mommies favorite, the Bentley Continental GTC Convertable.This was The prefect one for mommy! They had the Rolls Royce Wraith right out front of Bentley & Rolls Royce.It was a 2 toned Wraith, Black and Silver, sharp.
The McLaren House!WoW…Mr. Thomas Roach was kind enough to let me sit in any MrLaren I wanted. He also gave me a great book on McLarens. He was a very nice man, he talked to my Dad about cars and how McLarens are selling  very well in the USA, and especially well at Miller Motorcars.

I recommend every exotic car lover to go here, it is like a dream come true.


I look Great in this MrLaren! The McLaren Spider! I almost fit.
This McLaren is calling my name!
These Butterfly doors never get old.  They impress me every time.


Now I am in the Ferrari, Maserati area.I fit perfectly in the back seat of this

Maserati Grandsport.

Ferrari 458 Spider, Just my style.

I met Mr.Shima Fukano while looking at this Ferrari. He was a very kind gentleman and he loves cars.

He was glad to meet me, he told me Miller Motorcars is a Family run business. That was really nice to hear.

Mr. Fukano mentioned to me that Miller Motorcars just started a Racing Team, I would want to race with them..

He gave me a Special Miller Motorcars Racing sticker. He also quizzed me on which came first, the Ferrari or the Maserati?

I said, the Maserati, I was correct! Mr. Fukano also gave me a lesson on the Maserati logo, The Trident, and the blue color at the bottom is supposed to be the trident rising out of the water.

He tells interesting stories. 

Thank you for sharing those stories with me and making me feel special.

Thank you very ,very much for letting me sit

in your beautiful cars.

I am a lucky young man.



Look what Mommy found, and Aston Martin Rapide S.  She Loves this one. Especially in white. I went down the basement and I was in Ferrari Heaven!!Miller Motorcars carried the most exotic cars in stock that I have ever seen.

I am a very privileged young car lover. 

Thank you Miller Motorcars, you guys are incredible!

Thank you Daddy for driving in that snow blizzard just to get to our Major Mission!


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A Good School!

A few words from Skys Mommy…

We are in search of a school that Welcomes Learning Differences…

Today we visited Woodlynde School in Strafford Pa.
It is for Children with Learning Differences.

It was nothing like the other School out in North Jersey.
That school was very Bla, to me. I had no feeling what so ever.
None of the teachers smiled or looked happy, nor did the children.
This is just my opinion.

Woodlynde was the complete opposite. The kids were up and learning in many different ways. We spoke to students in depth.

All of the teachers looked happy and so did the kids in every grade from k to 12.
The boys who took us on the tour told Sky how they felt when they came there. Some were bullied or just lost in their previous schools.


Sky talked to them and asked questions about Spelling & testing and if the teachers were nice to them etc.
They have a wonderful sports program as well.


I was very impressed. I cried Happy tears…


More importantly, Sky was very eager to ask questions, and he had many.


While walking down the school hallways Sky stopped me, pointed and said, “Look up Mom” there at the head of each hallway was a big digital clock.
Sky had a huge smile on his face, he said, 
“Now, I will be able to know what time it is when I’m in school”.
He said, “My other school only has clocks with the hands on them and I don’t understand them, so I never know what time it is.”


Sky also shared something else with me today that I never knew;

He said, “when you had to go to the bathroom at my other school, they made you write the time down on paper before you left the room.

He said, I would ask the kids in my class what time it was and they would just point to the clock on the wall. They didn’t tell me the time. Sometimes I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom because it took me so long to figure out what time it was.” 


Who would think something this simple would make a child this Happy!
Today was a Good day !




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Batting Cage Adventure

On Sunday, my Dad took me to a Batting Cages for the first time.I signed up for Baseball this year.

My Dad wants to get me really good at 



I’m next!
They pitch 45 miles an hour to you. About 10 balls per coin.

I hit most of them. We had a lot of fun.

My shoulder was really hurting after.

I have to practice more.

My Dad Loved hitting the Balls too.Mommy was laughing the entire time.

Daddy looked like he was Golfing!

A very nice man was there with his son and he said he was a little league coach.

He showed me how to keep my legs and swing the bat correctly and actually

went to his car and got a bat that was just the right size for me.

Thank you Coach! You’re a good man.

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Philadelphia Auto Show

My Dad took me to the Philadelphia car show.One of our favorite missions together.

Look at this Corvette Stingray.Don’t I look good in it?A few more years….


WoW! The New Mustang..Sharp. The Cadillac ELR. It looks fast & cool. 

The Camaro Z28 had a Matte Finish which makes it look like a futuristic car.  I like Matte finish, not all cars need to be shiny. Its about time they started changing the paint finishes. This is one of F.C. Kerbecks New Aston Martin Rapide S.

I Love it!

Should be in a “Bond” Movie.

Look at this New Lamborghini Aventador. It was one of the stars of the show.

Kerbecks, New Aston Martin Vanquish..I would love to ride in one of these.


Do you recognize this car from the Super Bowl Commercials?? This is the New Maserati Ghibli. This is a DUB Car/Army looking truck.It was Ginormouse! Even the Rock would look small next to this. What would someone use this for? Where would you park it?I wish they let us inside it. 


BMW Motorcycle is Hott!!






This is Medusas Head, Scarrrryyy...You know what happens if you look at Medusa?

You will turn to stone.

So look fast!

It is a custom motorcycle.

The artist is soo talented, he painted this by hand.

Maybe my sister Salvi can do this, she is an artist.

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I always Loved Cars

   My bedroom is full of fun cars. Like I said, I’ve always loved cars. These are my sisters toy Barbie cars that I use to play with when I was little.

One of my first ride on cars.

  I always wore sunglasses        outside because the light    bothered my eyes sometimes.







I have Always been COOL!



Swimming with my sister, I always loved the water too.
    Trying to play video games with Marky.    He always let me hold the controller.    Marky didn’t play race car games like I do.  This is my huge Home Made Play Pen! Mommy says she built this because, I was an early walker and got into EVERYTHING! Like an explorer.This was built to protect me, everyone in my family could fit into it,

plus my toys.


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