Christmas Day!

 Im a lucky boy, I got a lot of presents.  Look, a Rolls Royce Ghost!
 A New Rolls Royce Jacket that says on it. This is a Human Body. You can take the parts out of it. Pretty cool.

If your looking at my chin, I sucked a cup and it made me get a hickie on my chin.

My Mom always told me Not to suck the air out of a cup because it will give me a hickie

but I didn’t listen. Now I know.

 Mommys favorit gift. She always wanted a big picture of girlies.Daddy finally got her one.  I got a Mercedes SLR. The little chubby snowman next to me is Olaf from the movie Frozen.
I saw a Corvette Stingray at WaWa. They are so nice, I might get one.

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The start of Christmas Vacation

We had a visit from Thor. Katy was so Happy to see him again.Mommy loves Thor too.

Santa Claus driving a 3 Wheeler Motorcycle. You don’t see that everyday.Pretty cool, right.

Marky is home for the holidays. Playing basketball with me.

I’m helping Mommy make homemade Gnocchi’s. Well, not really. I am just ready to eat them.

Our Family Christmas get together. We had lots of fun.

It wasn’t the same without MomMom butWe have her in our thoughts and hearts forever. I miss you MomMom.


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Snowy Sunday!

My Quad full of snow. I was pulling my cousin Remy with it.Our driveway is our Sledding hill. Our cars were stuck on the driveway.


Mommy brought out the pool floats, they are very fast for snow. 
We stayed out for hours, sledding and having a good time. Even Mommy loves to slide down the driveway. She didn’t love it when Remy tried to kick the float to push her, but instead she missed & kicked Mommy in the back! Ouchy! Sunny had lots of fun too! But her friend Kyle tripped on our step that he didn’t see and now he has to walk with crutches.  

This looks like a lake in our yard.
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My sisters babysit their school nurses dog Thor.

Today Mommy brought him to school to pick me up.

This is Thor waiting for me in the car. He looks like a driver, just like me.

Thor is the tiniest dog ever. He is not even 1 pound.I was was afraid I could break him if I squeeze him to hard.

He likes to snuggle.

This is Thor looking out the window at my friends playing in theschool yard. He wants to play but he only has an old man dog at home who won’t play with him. When he comes to our house he tries to play with our cats. They just look at him like he is crazy.
I LOVE Thor, he’s soo cute!

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Marky and I found a Christmas tree, and it might be good. But that was the ginormous one. Daddy said No! 

This is not exactly a car but it has wheels and I have a driver.I wanted him to go faster! Wasn’t happening…

 I wanted to get this cute little baby tree for my bedroom,but Mommy said No! Ok, finally, we found the right tree, our journey has ended.
 I pulled the tree on the tree wagon/car.I wasn’t that heavy.

 This is our tree. It looked a lot bigger in the woods.In our house it was the smallest tree ever! It is really cute. No chance of

rubbing against the ceiling like last years tree.

Marky is on his way back to college in Colorado..see you in 19 days Marky.

Hang in there brother.

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