Camping in the GraveYard

 Katy was not helpful to Mommy while she build our tent.  Katy picking out a resting place..awwwwJust kidding.
 Katy nice and warm in the tent. It was freezing outside that morning.  We have the baby tent, theMansion  tent is next to us, that was my friends. You could actually stand up in his tent. My Dad and I had a cozy tent and Mommy decorated it with Christmas lights and glow sticks, so it looked pretty cool at night. I love sleeping in the tent with my dad. He is the Best!

Can we get a Bentley?


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Quebec City trip with Mommy

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

This is Grand Castle looking hotel we stayed at.

This is the most photographed hotel in the world.

My Mom took about a million pictures of it.

You can see it almost wherever you are in Quebec City.



 This is the entrance to go into Quebec City. There is a wall around the whole city.
This is a Quebec License plate for a car. Our Beautiful view of the St Lawrence River.
My first Crepe in Quebec, Yummmmyyyyy! Wow, a Rolls Royce Drop Head Coupe parked in frontof our hotel.There were not many exotic cars in Quebec City. I saw

one Lamborghini Gallardo a Dodge Viper and we kept seeing

a red McLaren driving around the city.

These are the Breakneck Steps. We made it down and didn’t break our necks.The story says that farmers used to walk their cattle down the steps and they would falland break their necks, That is how it got the name.


This is the little old town at the bottom of the steps.All cobble stone streets, just like in Philadelphia’s historic streets. 

Can you believe this is a wall mural. It looked so real. My Mom told me to stand in front of it.People thought I was part of it.

This is the Funicular that takes you back up to Quebec City.We took it, Not to scary. 

My first Carriage ride. The drivers name was Bob and the Horses name was Jackson.Bob told us all about the different buildings in Quebec City and some other history.He was so nice to us.

When Jackson got thirsty he knew where to stop and get a drink of water from this fountain.So cute. Bob said dogs drink from the bottom of the fountain.

How did a Canon Ball get into a tree? That is what I asked Bob. He said kids put it there years and years ago and the tree grew around it. Pretty cool.


Bob took this picture of Mommy and I. It was cold outside and we were snuggling under a blanket.

I tried to feed Jackson an apple, but I kept dropping it every time he licked my hand it tickled me

and i would drop it.

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College Visits

On our way to Baltimore to visit Towson University. It was a big beautiful college. We walked for 3 hours.
 This was the original building. We got to see the dorm rooms this is what they looked like.

There were no cars on campus.

This is me with the Towson tiger.I wanted to ride him,but they don’t let you.
Now we are at Rider University. This is me in theirsports casting room. It looked like a real news center.
It was so boring for me i guess because I am nine years old.Maybe when I am older i will like visiting colleges.
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Monster Jam

 My Dad and Mom took me to Monster Jam. I had the best nigh ever! The Monster trucks jumped over the cars like they were ants. and they crushed a van like it was made out of paper.
 I was so shocked at some of the jumps!  
   I was sooo excited to see all the Monster trucks. I had a cold slushy in this cool cup.
   We really liked the dog Truck, we think he should have won.
  My Dad and I walked out with a smile.
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Here comes Halloween

Does this look like Fall or what? I went to pick pumpkins with my Mom, we found a really big one and some small ones, even a white pumpkin.

 Pumpkins, Gourds and more! This gourd looked like a snake head that just ate something and its in his belly.

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Indestructable Armored SUV

 The first time I saw this Armored SUV Tank was in the movie “Fast Five”. The Rock was Driving it. It was Amazing. This is the Gurkha F5. It looks like a Hummers Big Daddy!

“NBA star J.R. Smith spent some of the $24 million he scored 

with the New York Knicks on aflashy new armored truck.

He rolled up in a Gurkha F5, which is madeby Toronto-based Terradyne Armored Vehicles

and used by police and the military.Smith parked the oversize truck, worth about $450,000,

on the street while he dined inside.”


I don’t think people should use Military Combat vehicles for fun.They look scary to me like we are going to war. 

I know it looked cool in the Fast Five Movie, but war is serious and not fun. 

I hope I don’t see any of these on the streets, only in a movie or protecting our Army people who need the protection.


These Armored Suv’s have been used in Afganastan and are now coming backto the USA. Some Police Stations are buying them for $400,000. to

use as a Police vehicle.



You know how much I love all exotic cars and trucks, but these Armored SUV’s make me think of War. I wouldn’t want to see these driving around my naborhood. I do not think police men should buy these. 

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