Malcolm Wells

I had to do a project for school about Something in around our town. I choose Malcolm Wells. He was an Architect. He built underground buildings because he wanted everything to be about nature. This is me standing next to my project
It is s I am underground in front of Mr. Wells office.
 It is so cool down here.
Behind me is the roof of the office.All covered with Grass.

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Elysium Bugatti Spaceship

 On Friday, My Mom & Uncle went to see the Movie Elysium. I couldn’t see it because it was rated R. My Mom gave it a review from 1 – 10, she gave it a 10. My Mom noticed the Bugatti Logo on the Red Futuristic Spaceship. She told me about it when she came home. So I googled it and found out it was made by Bugatti.The other car I noticed when I looked up the Bugatti, was a Nissan GT R, that they made look dirty and dusty and old, because this movie was supposed to be in the future. 


Nissan GT R In Elysium

The GT-R  is ready for the zombie apocalypse, it has roof lights, protective mesh grilles over the windows and rat-rot headlights.


A Bugatti spaceship from Elysium

The front of the craft features the Bugatti logo, which some of you might recognize as a French automobile manufacture known for high-performance vehicles.

 If you’re not a hardcore fan of exotic cars, you might not recognize the name Bugatti,  but the auto manufacturer designs the Bugatti Veyron.
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Colorado Flood!

University of Colorado Boulder closed Thursday & Friday due to severe flooding –

This is where My Brother goes to college. His house got flooded and he had to move out to his friends

parents house last evening. Mark told me it looked like they could go

White water rafting on the streets. I am glad you are safe Marky.

I love You!


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Summer is Over

 My twin sisters dressed up for color war at our camp.  My Summer tutor Alec and I doing work together, He was the Best Tutor I ever had. He went back to college in Miami Florida and he took his Blue BMW Convertible 6 series with him. Well, the car actually took a train to Florida. I miss you Alec..We need to take a field trip when you come home.
 Marky Packed for college and went back to Colorado. My sisters are next.  Mark sent us pictures of his New bedroom at his college house. He even has his Buffalo on his bed. Looks nice Mark. I told Mommy you know how to make your bed.
 Mark built his own desk, it looks so nice.  I love your New bike Mark, it looks like a racing bike. I hope you wear your helmet. If you are riding it home for Thanksgiving, you better leave now.
 My last time on the beach for the Summer.  I’m the sand man!
 Katy living the good life. She packed for the beach.  Sea you next Summer 🙂
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My Visit to St. Pete Beach

 This is the Hotel we stayed in.Loews Don CeSar Hotel in Saint Pete Beach, FLorida.  This is the view from our hotel room. The is a yellow Lamborginiparked out front. I can sit on our balcony and watch the cars go by.
 This is the hotel pool. It was so hot outside, the pool water didn’t even cool you off.  This is our walk to the Beach, the water was sooo warmmm. My Mom loved it. This body of water was the Gulf of Mexico. It was very calm, there were no waves.

They had little tiny light green fish swimming in the water right next to you.They didn’t bother you, they were very fast swimmers.

 I found the sea shells, they look like Giraffe shells. I brought them home togive to my sister Salvi because she is a Giraffe lover. Aren’t the neat?  Room Service! I ordered some room service.
 This is my friends white McLaren. He took me for a ride in it.   This is my friends wife’s car its an Aston Martin Rapid. Isn’t it beautiful, I should by my Mommy one.
 This is a Savana Cat, it is a Hybrid cat. He was very sweet, he looks like a Cheeta.They run faster than a Camaro.  This is Gizmo. He reminds me of My Niles. He was soo cute and little.
 I am on a dock and the water behind me is Tampa Bay.  My friend had a slide in his pool, I love sliding down.
 Yummy, a nice cold Banana Split, My favorite!
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