My Weekend

Wow! This is a Mercedes SLS. You don’t see these everyday.

Did you know the doors on this car flip up.

This is me playing baseball on the Beach. 

I am really good!


Isn’t this a cute picture, They were looking for treasures!


My Mom says I look handsome in this picture.

I agree! 🙂

Mommy and Uncle Sal took this picture at night. It is a Ferrari California. Mommy said it looked beautiful. This is an article about police cars in Dubai.

I am going to do a blog about all of them soon. They just added an Aston Martin One-77. Can you believe they have these amazing police cars.

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Family fun in the Sun



We went out to dinner. This is My Daddy and I. Mommy likes

to take pictures of the backs of us. I don’t know why?

Mark and I in the ocean together. Nine and Nineteen.

One day I will be as big as Marky.

This is My Brother and his friends playing ocean Football with me.

That was my football, we played on the sandbar. It was fun.

Me all sandy after my cousin buried me.

Daddy said, Don’t touch me! Yuck!

This is my cousin Dominique.

She came to visit and play on the beach with me.

We had a water balloon fight! I Won!!

Marky was chasing me and trying to tacle me and throw me in 

the water. He caught me!

The sand was soo Hot, My Dad had to stop and stand on his towel because he

doesn’t wear flip flops and his feet were burning. Mommy was laughing.

Now my Dad is running for his life,

because the sand is soo hot.

Run fast Dad! We need a sand car to

pick you up. or a sand quad.

Look how cool the Sky looks. It was about to storm, Run!! Don’t we look alike, thats my brother Niles.


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Swimming with My Daddy


This is My Dad trying to through me out of the water. 

I have gotten a lot bigger this year, so it makes it harder for

him to lift me out of the water. This was his first try. I didn’t go high

at all.


This is his second try. He still didn’t get me high out of the water,

but he is getting better.

Finally!! I went up, up in the Sky! and my feet did not touch the water!

Now Daddy knows how strong he has to be to pick me up and throw me.

Playing catch with my Dad. Usually I go to the smaller end of our pool.

Now I am standing on the love seat and throwing the ball. We have lots 

of fun in our pool. It has been so hot out, the pool cools us off.

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Hot Day


This is the New quads that the Police ride down at our beach. They speed with them on the sand and

on the street. The police don’t drive Police cars down the shore to much. They ride Police bikes and have alot of Police quads. Mostly red ones

one the beach in the daytime. They are so fast, I wish I could ride one.

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My Ride


 so on sunday my dad and i went to take a ride inmy dads friend bentley and he got the car from F.C kerbeck 
this me in the front seat in his car

its like a gray color with white interor

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