WaterJetPacks Again

I just saw this in a magazine today.

This is the same WaterJetPack guy I rote about before.

You know the one who doesn’t own WaterJetPacks.com

Come on, are You Kidding me, I don’t even know who you are?

I think I am gonna buy WaterJetPacks.com

How you like me now?

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Atco Raceway

On Saturday we went to Atco Raceway. It was the first time we ever went. We saw some pretty cool race cars. It is very loud there, you need earplugs. Some of the races were ties. They were doing time tryals to see who can

race at night. Only the fastest cars get to race at night. I am glad my Dad brought us, I can’t wait to go back again.

Thank you Daddy.



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Random things

So this Rolls Royce was in front of my school. I don’t know who’s it is, but it is

pretty awesome. It was in very nice condition.

Something is not right in this picture?Even my cat loves cars.
This is me playing Violin with my class. Playing Violin is amazing.


My dog Katy, she is in the FBI canine division!

She was showing me her badge.

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Head for the Day

 I was Head of my School for the day on Friday. I wanted to wear my suit so could look professional. I had to get to school early because I had to greet all the students. I was so excited. I greeted the students with Tyrone our school dog. He is in training to be a helper dog. I had a meeting with the Head of school the day before and she gave me a list of things I had to do.  I loved having my own office. I had alot of responsabilites. I had to be on time, and I had to reveiw a few teachers. I enjoyed that, they were great teachers, the kids were all happy in their classrooms. I gave the little children ice cream in the morning and after lunch my mom brought pretzels and posicles for the entir school. That made all the kids happy. I had the 8th graders help me all day, they were so nice. I dont know how my Head of school does it. She has a very busy schedule. I was so tired when my mom came to pick me up after school. I told her it is a hard job being Head of a School, but I loved it so much. I think I was a good Head and I think My students liked me being head. I thanked My head of school for having me as head for the day, and I told her she has a hard job.
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I think I need a Bigger Garage


This is me on my Scooter, I got it a year ago it goes pretty fast. My Garage is a Mess and My Mom says we need to clean it out. It fits all my cars and rideon’s, and scooters and some toys.  Now I have my big wagon parked in there. I am going to try to clean it up this weekend if I have time.
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My wagon

    I wanted this Yellow Wagon from Lowes home store. the other day my Mom surpirsed me and bought it. This is My Dad and I putting it together.    
Now we are putting the handle and the wheels on, it was alot of fun.I am good at putting things together.  Now Niles and I are ready to go on our adventuers!Katy your next, get ready!
Me relaxing in the backyard having a cookie. this cookie is great. mmmm
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Girlies Prom

Aren’t my sisters Beautiful. Last night was their Jr. Prom. without Me..they said I smelled because I was playing outside. They didn’t want me to get to close to them.   
My Uncle with my sisters. They had a limo pick them up, the did not drive our car. Luck girls.. have a good time.  
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Iron Man 3


 This is Our New Movie Theater, Its Amazing! It has reclining seats,you can lay allthe way down on them. This is Me watching Iron Man 3. 
Iron Man 3 was awsome! We saw it in 3D. This is Me waiting after the movie was over to see whats next?
OMG… could it be???
Avengers 2?? My MomMom bought me a cool Iron Man car today! Great day 🙂  
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