I won

On Saturday night My mom and Dad went to my school fundraser auction. They won  a Flyers jersey #28 Claude Giroux. My dad got it for one of his workers. We also won “The Beatles” signed picture by Ringo Star & Paul mcCartney plus the Abbey Road record. I picked that out for Neil, I know he colects Beatles stuff. I am going to sent it to him. He is the guy who owns the Water Jet Pack I rote about. and he drives an Aston Martin, my mom loves those cars. We also won an Original Painting & Print by E.B.Lewis. He is such a nice man. I met him the other day. I love his book “Each Kindness”. My dad supprised me and won a Spiderman picture signed by Stan Lee! That was Great, thanks Daddy. But, My favorite thing my parents supprised me with was when they won “Head of School for a Day”!!! Im gonna be head of school…I am going to wear my New suit & I wish I had a Rolls Royce with my driver take me to school that day. that wold be amazing! I am going to give all the kids in the school water ice & pretzals that day. I will be Teacher Sky. I can’t wait. Oh, I forgot my dad also won a BIG Bag of Balls. every kind of ball. My Mom is not that happy about it, she said you have enough balls everywher. I still love to get new balls I have all my electric ride on cars filled with balls.  Gotta go now. bye


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Long Day

       This is me, in lowes shopping with my parents. This is my favorite tractor. It has the most comfortable seat.
                 Some times the only car you have is skyscars..                       How do you like me now?
 And after, i played a little hockey. The weather was nice thisweekend. Guess What? My brother comes home from college in 6 more days. Horay!  I was beat and realy tired. My mom took this pic late last night.
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Appropriate or not ?


 This is My dog Katy, she lays in my playroom when I write on my blog.She doesn’t mind sleeping on my cars or toys. sometimes she kicks them off the sofa.  this is My dog Niles. He looks like a live stufed animal. He also likse to take rides in all my cars and trucks. He is so cute.
This is MeMe My cat, I didn’t tell Sunny that Meme drank from her cereul bowl.This may not be an apropriat picture to post, what do you think? Niles really likes to go for rides in my cars and my trucks and my big wheel to. I let him be the driver. Isnt he a good driver?
Sometimes I like to dress Katy up in hats. I think she looks smart in thes glasses dont you? I call her Profesor Katy. This is Henri my cat. I like to scare him sometimes but he knows I am joking with him. This is Henry after he snuck on the counter and licked my dads chicken. Mommy doesnt let the cats ever go on the counter or tables. that is why Henri had to sneek. I didn’t tell my dad Henri liked his chicken. Henri does not like to go for rides in my cars or trucks. he jumps out. but Henri like to steel my toys and carry them upstairs to play with. Guess what? Henri doesn’t have any teeth. he got sick and they all fell out and he cant get new ones so he can only eat soft food.
This may not be an apropriate picture to post even though I think it is so funny. after i took that picture I scared Meme and she fell in the toilet. but she jumped right back out. Meme doesn’t like to ride in my cars she like to go outside and play or just sleeps in my play room.  
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Manhattan Motor Cars Rock!


Manhattan Sky line, very big. Us going into the Lincoln Tunnel. Cool right.
Me on my way to Manhattan Motor cars. Well hear we are. I am goining in. Wish me luck.
Random Dodge Viper outside MMC. The first sales man i met . I didn’t catch his name. He was very nice to me he told me to take lots of pictures of whatever cars I wanted.
 I want one. This my favorite car so far.  
 My mom took this picture again because she loves this car so much.  My first time next to a Bugatti Veyron. Did you know that this car is worth $2,ooo,ooo,?
 This is another amazing Bugatti.  
 This is the Bugatti simble.  This me taking a picture with my new friend Jackie she is so sweet and nice to me.
 This is a 2013 Lamborghini LP550-2 Coupe.  This is a 2013 Lamborghini LP570-4 Spyder Edizione.
 Wow a Lamborghini Aventador.  Aston Martin DB9
 This is my second favorite car. its called a Maybach 57. This is the first time I ever saw one in person. I wish we could get it. But you need a driver for this one, it has a glass pannel betwine you and the person thats driving you. Some Maybachs you dont need a driver because they don’t have glass pannels. My mom says she is not the driver. But I say she is.   Maybach emblimb.
 This is Me in the front seat of the Maybach. Don’t I look good in this?  This is me in the backseat of the Maybach. This is how I roll. I can get used to this.
 This is my friend Nicole. We have been emailing each other, playing email tag. I told her I was coming to MMC today to see the cars. I introdosed myself to her when I arived. I gave her my bussinous card and she remembered me. She knew all about my website. that made me feel Fantastick!! She even knew that I have to have good behaver to go to dealerships. She told this nice man Daniel that I even have a RR Wraith on my front page of my website. That made me feel very special that she looked up my website and really reads it.  This is a picture of the lite up ceiling in the Maybach. Its a panel roof.
   This is me at our favorite restraunt on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, Da Nico’s. My parents let me have a Cappochino for a special treat. yum,yum
  Manhattan Motor cars gave me, 2 Special key chains. a Lamborghini and a RR one. that was so nice of them.  This is me at home putting the Rolls Royce Keychain on my Rolls Royce. It was to big.
 Daniel asked me if I had a lot of toy cars at home to play with. He said I remind him of what he was like when he was a little boy. He said he alwase loved cars to. I took this picture of part of my playroom to show Daniel some of my car collection. I have alot more they are all over my house.  Everyone I met at Manhattan Motor Cars was so nice to me. They were very intersted in my website/blog and asked me alot of questions about it. I hope they tell Mr. Miller about me. I really wanted to meet him. but he was off today. Thank you everybody at Manhattan Motor Cars, I hope I can buy one of your cars soon. It was nice meeting all of you.  


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11 misses in a row

 After school today I played basketball with my mom on the school court, neither one of us got one in. Then when I came home I played on my driveway and still didnt get any in. I love playing basketball. Some days you just can’t make a shot for anything. no mater how hard you try.But I keep trying anyway. Just like with the car dealerships I call. Today I trid to call ManhattanMotor Cars 5 times but the girl kept hanging up on me. I think she thought i was prank calling. I will keep trying to call the owner Mr. Miller. I want to tell him I am coming to visit and ask him if he will let me sit in the Bugatti Veyron he has there.


 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2ROF6pgUds  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYI7pVDnsp4&feature=youtu.be
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I won the race

 On Sunday My Dad took me to Speedway again.The first time my Dad went race car driving he got 1st place! I came in second place on my first raceyesterday. 
  I came in 1st place the second time is raced,that was amazing !  I bought a tee  shirt that says whereI went race car driving. I love it there. 
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My Visit to Algar Ferrari

 Yesterday I went to AlgarFerrari. We got there at 3:55 and they close at 4:00. We were so sorry we were late, we thought they closed at 5:00.I  jumped out of the car as soon as we pulled up, a man carrying a backpack was leaving. I told him that I have a car blog and that I love to visit car dealerships. I told him i was so sorry we were late. He said, come in and look around. He was so nice. His name was Tony Palmer. Mr. Palmer asked which one did I like, I said the California. He said get in. It was So cool! thank you Mr. Palmer very much, you made my day.


This is the Ferrari Italia this is the Ferrari California.
This is Me sitting in the Ferrari California.
There are the types of seats you can chose.


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Water Jet Packs

This is What it looks like to Fly around with a Water Jet Pack on. It makes you look like you are flying around like Iron Man over the water.

Did you know a Water Jet Pack cost over $100,000 to buy. That is half  the cost of a Bentley.

My freind who lives in Florida owns one. He flys it all the time.

 I asked him if I could ride with him, he said you have to be 12 and over.

But he said I can take a ride in his Aston Martin, I can’t wait.


This is my video below abot my ideas on WaterJetPacks.com

 I cant wait to buy my own one day.


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I Love you Mommom

My Mommom is in Rehab to help her get strong again. Its called Power Back Rehab.I miss her sooo much I want her to come home soon. It is really cool there and beautiful.They even have their own Power Back SUV to drive around. I did my homework there tonight.If anybody wants to go there to get strong again they will love it. They are really nice there and treat my mommom really well.

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Check this guy out!

Last night I read this article in Forbes Magazine, about cars and the owner and Micheal Dezer. He has a car museum in Miami Fl.

He even has a James Bond car Exihibit. I also read that he is the landlord of Manhattan Motor Cars.  I can’t wait to visit  His Museumne day.

I am also going to ask my dad to take me to Manhattan Motor Cars.






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