Second Day in Punta Cana


 I am so famous, they named the the bar after me.

  YeeHaw,they let us ride sheep hear.

This is the first time I ever saw clear blue waters.The water was very rough.

 This is the inside of a thatch roof, you can see that its not fake. 
           Isint he cutehe is a Spider Monkey. his name is Mario.              This is before we went out to dinner.
                          This is my mommy she is butiful.  
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My First Trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


      Oh, My Gosh!! This is my view from the plane. we’re almost here.       oh my goodness, this looks like my grandmoms couch in the city. She has plastic all around it. This was the van we took to our hotel. I guess the owner wants to keep it new.
      Wow, This is the Jacuzi in our room! This is my sisters friend Cianni   This is our hotel pool. Ooo it looks soo cool. I can’t wait to jump in it.

 Hey, look this is a real thatch roof.

                                 Well, this is my first Pina Coloada.Mmmm
     My Dad and I on the Golf cart, going to the beach.      I call him The Angry Choper, I never saw smeone walking around with a large knife like that. My Mom said its called a Machete. They use them for cutting down, branches, coconuts and bushes. scaarrryyy.
          I was a little tired last night. Zzzzzzzz

    Look at their Google..


 These are Pesos. The Dominican Republic money.I will bring some back to show my friends. 

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This is me, I played the role of  Zeus King of the land, In The Little Mermaid Play.


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My Internet Dilemma

I am depressed right now. We are having internet problems at school of whats a propret and whats not. You see, I wanted to hand out my business cards today at school that have my web site on them. But I didn’t.  My mom said there is nothing to be ashamed of. Do you think my web site/blog is a propret? You see I want to share my website/blog with my friends. How will I convince my friends parents that this is a good and safe web site? I want to thank everyone who wrote comments. See you later.

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My trip to the Simeone Museum

Last weekend I went to the Simeone Museum with my Mom and Dad. It is really close by in Philadelphia and

it is free to get in. Most people don’t know about it.

They had a Saab car exibit while I was there, this was one of my favorites.

 I liked it because it looks like a real race car from today, but it was from 1956.



Another car that I saw was a Ford Gto40 MK  2

I liked it because of its color and it looks like a car from the Fast & Furious Movies.

I wish they would let me sit in it, but they couldn’t  because it is worth alot of money.









My Mom said this one looks like a Bond car. I liked it because the doors go up when you open them. My Dad liked most of the cars at the Museum, he says that this collector doesn’t change or fix up most of the cars he buys, he likes to keep them the way he found them.







This is a very nice color and I love that it is a convertable. Maybe one day I will collect cars just like Mr. Simeone and show them off in My own SkysCars Museum. Will you all come and visit??

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My first blog

Hi peoples, as you can see my proper nowns arint good because I am 9 years old and new at this. I promis things will get better with my typing I am sure.

I would like to introduce you to my dog Niles, you will be seeing him alot. I would like to also introduce you to my blog creater, my sister Salvi.

It was beautiful outside so I thought I would take a little hike up my tree. Then I thought I would come back inside because I wanted to play with my dog  as you know niles and play xbox.


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